Saturday, May 21, 2016

For Whom the Bernie Tolls

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I ask you to recall something which intellectual Webster Griffin Tarpley stated on the Jeff Rense program which seemed so very odd several months back in a plan he was advocating in destroying the Republican Party, and then splitting the Democratic Party into two parties to rule America.........the one oligarch Clinton and the other Marxist Sanders.

Bernie Sanders has zero chance of winning the nomination for President of the Democratic Party. Bernie Sanders has zero chance in being old toxicity in being Hillary Clinton's running mate. Yet he runs on, Hillary steals the delegates and the convention, and all of it is illogical........unless Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are indeed the Webster Griffin Tarpley conduits to forever split the Democratic Party, into it's feudal oligarchs of the Clinton internationalists and the Sanders international Marxists.

I have stated that on paper, most of Bernie Sanders political philosophies are things that Americans would agree with in. It is the sodomite and gun control incursions which set him a great deal apart from the Trump supporters, so in effect there are two revolutionaries in Sanders and Trump, and there was Hillary and the Cruz suckling cult which are the status quo and now united to steal this election for Hillary Clinton.

We have heard now from David John Oates in Reverse Speech, that Paul Ryan and the GOPliters have faux backed Mr. Trump, and intend to install Newt Gingrich as the VP, and Newt Gingrich is speaking of the assassination of Donald Trump, so Newt will be President, in that criminal hijacking of America as took place in Dallas November 1963 AD in the year of our Lord.

I desire every Bernie Sanders voter to think about what they are seeing and not be a Cruz Cultist ranting and raving blindly, because what is Bernie Sanders really up to, and what is Mrs. Clinton really up to? Are these two really looking out for their supporter's interests or is this more Cruz Cult, in a reality that Bernie Sanders might not be so revolutionary, but a funded part of the Webster Griffin Tarpley plot, which has suddenly gone silent after it was noted here.

Blue Moon are rare events of double lunar power. Mars shining bright is a war entity in the sky of destruction. I have been working to stop the genocide of America, and to stop World War IV in the construct of Donald Trump, working with President Vladimir Putin.

Blue Moon, Bright Mars...

Bad Omen...

What I am telling all, from Trump supporters to Sanders supporters, is that when something does not look quite right, then something is wrong and we are being manipulated. Someone is splitting the Democrat party down the middle with Sanders and Clinton, and it is deliberate.

The question now is for Clinton and Sanders voters, is the Americans on the right have trashed the Bushism schism and put into place Donald Trump, liberating the Republicans and Blue Collar Democrats. Would it now not be the time as Clinton and Sanders voters to examine if you are being played by the DNC, and to start looking at the honest dealer in this game in Mr. Trump, and start negotiations as to how to find empowerment in a Trump Administration as the DNC is going scorched earth by design.