Monday, May 9, 2016


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As the epitaph of foreign birthed Ted Cruz is being written, what appears is that the rather sour Ted Cruz, collected from the Cruz tree, nothing but lemons.........which confirms the public face of Amanda Carpenter, Cruz's sometime sperm depository, in being so vile to Ben Carson.

Seriously, Ted Cruz is not taking defeat any more rational than he was being Canadian. The evidence is now that people who are not supposedly being paid a salary, as Cruz is supposedly out of the primaries, have now begun constructs in the following:

  1. IF Donald Trump was not in the race, Ted Cruz would have won.
  2. IF John Kasich was not in the race, Ted Cruz would have won.
  3. IF Marco Rubio had brought the knife and stabbed Donald Trump in the back, Ted Cruz would have won.

There is a certain insanity in the grasping of the Cruz employees, because the latest of blaming Marco Rubio for Donald Trump being the nominee in a Cruz Rubio ticket would have defeated Mr. Trump, begins with a false read of Cruz Rubio.......when why not Rubio Cruz, as Marco Rubio was more handsome, more gifted at debate, more skilled as a candidate, more effective as Marco Rubio was polling Second in Iowa, until Ted Cruz stole all of Ben Carson's voters via vote fraud and Amanda Carpenter the delusions of Ted Cruz of seizing top billing, is ludicrous, as much as the fictions of "if only Ted had won".

The fact is Ted Cruz consistently was polling in at least 75% of the GOP was never going to vote for him. The lunacy of Cruz poll math is that all of the Bush, Kasich, Walker, Paul etc... voters would flow to Ted if they just got out of the race, when in reality as New York, Indiana,  Rhode Island etc... proved, that Ted Cruz's numbers tanked and Donald Trump took all of those votes.

The Cruz lemons are squeezed of all their sour juice and now all the world is left with is the bitter pithiness of blaming everyone on the planet, when the fact is Ted Cruz lost this race, even when he tried stealing it, because no one likes this sour man. The real blame for Ted Cruz's loss is the womb which took in the ejaculations of a Cuban communist photographed with Lee Harvey Oswald. That is the real blame in this, in parents telling Canada gutter trash that it was King and pouring oil on it, and calling it God blessed.

All of us have to face something, in Ted Cruz is not just a maniac, a compulsive liar, a sociopath, but he attracted by his deceptions people who supported him, and then Cruz abandoned them, and then sent out operatives to tell them to commit political suicide.
The suicide though of his supporters is not enough, as the Cruz lemons have now decided that not just Mr. Trump is the problem, but it is John Kasich and Marco Rubio this week. Last week it was Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ahles. Perhaps next week it will be spaghetti and those dastardly meatballs, as waiting for that water to bowl and rolling all those meatballs delayed billions of voters in Indiana from voting Cruz.

The Lame Cherry was the first to break the story that Ted Cruz did not go anywhere. His campaign is already plotting a Nixonian rise for 2020. Remember that Richard Nixon after the election theft by John Kennedy in 1960 AD in the year of our Lord, waited 8 years, and was not plotting to destroy Barry Goldwater or Lyndon Johnson, in the way Cruz in the Bush fam maxim plots John McCain and Mitt Romney losses, all so Jeb can win 2016.........then again Jeb is plotting along with HW and W for Jeb in 2020 in an "I told you so". as Jeb will be a banana brain 67 year old then.

That is what is behind all of this #NeverTrump, because it is really hash tag, #BushCruzTreachery2016.

If you do an audit of Conservatives, real Conservatives, HW Bush started with ruining Ronald Reagan and W tanked off George Allen and Sarah  Palin for starters, so all that was left were these leftists.......and I do mean leftists like Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh and Ted Cruz, with Jeb Bush and Paul Ryan telling us we had to be more like Obama and passing his commie laws.

Conservatism did not die under Donald Trump. Conservatism was snatched from the cradle and murdered by Bush fam, and replaced the baby with the changeling called Ted Cruz from Cubano Canada.

Donald Trump and that means America is going to be facing an entire Clinton Bush mine field of sabotage once he is President, as they fully intend to commit the High Crimes of overthrowing the Government of these United States.

What will it be? Muslim terrorists for Clinton or Muslim funded corruption by Saudi Bush oil.

Lauren Batchelder is but a trademark of Jeb Bush smarminess. Amanda Carpenter lynching Ben Carson is but a trademark of Ted Cruz smarminess. It is a very old association covenanted in blood, the blood of John F. Kennedy, as we now know that the CIA brought in commie Rafael Cruz, Cruz was with Oswald, and when JFK was murdered, it would be Zapata Oil, owned by George H. W. Bush, who whisked Rafael Cruz out of Dallas Texas to Alberta Canada to produce little Ted a few years later.

Defeating Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush is not about 2016, but about 2020 AD in the year of our Lord, as that is what this entire "get Trump campaign" is about in this sinister Paul Ryan, and it is vital for America that Ryan be primaried.

This is an entire like minded group of fellow travelers who to the last one kept Obama in the White House as a Birther and protected him, for their conglomerate masters.

These are the Balkanized Boyz, who could never win at anything, and that is what all of this has always been about.