Monday, May 9, 2016

What Black Women Should Look Like

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I honestly heard of Azealia Banks in a news story today, but I am convinced now that this is what Black women should look like around the world and in America, in independent thinkers, intelligent, not intimidated and announcing that she is voting for Donald Trump, while referencing MK ULTRA which was a CIA Nazi inspired mind control program based upon Soviet hysteria in their programs.

I absolutely adored Donna Summer. She was the same type of character in speaking her mind and letting the world know she was not going to back down. Donna Summer was hot, because she was confident and knew who she was. I am seeing more of this all the time in American women, in there is that dried up tampon class who think that Hillary Pink Passes are en vogue, and the younger women just look at it like, this is fucking retardo, which it is.

Women have broken out of the feminist construct as constructed for them by Tavistock in MK ULTRA in these pasty white coastal queens lecturing in a litmus test of what women have to be like cockerboy Limbaugh does in all  Conservatives have to be Ted Cruz liberal.
That gives me great respect for women, because they are no longer a herd about their genitals and aborticide. They are looking at life in a perspective of how it should be in life, liberty and the pursuit of their happiness to fulfill them. That is not a cookie cutter process of one size fits all.

Women are not voting for Hillary Clinton because she claims to be a female. In that, I was delighted that Ted Cruz in smearing Melania Trump with Heidi Cruz did not garner female votes in Wisconsin and in his cheap score in naming Carly Fiorina to the VP slot, actually brought his ruin, because women looked at Carly as men did and said, "I don't like that shemale no more than Hillary Clinton, and I am voting for my future in who will be the best chance of that, and that is Donald Trump".

Azealia Banks was absolutely correct in her assessment that Bernie Sanders was not going to beat Hillary, and that Hillary is a minder for the elite, and the only chance we have is Donald Trump. This Black woman was pounced upon in the minders saying Donald Trump is a racists, but she slapped that down with we are all racists as that what we favor is our own race.

I have always appreciated the aura of Nichelle Nichols of Star Trek. She fulfilled Martin King's request in putting forth a positive representation of the Negroid which is always vital to each generation. She has been thoughtful, positive and brings a message of her every day constancy which is missing from too much of America. At this point Azealia Banks has spoken for her generation in not being the Afroid mob which Obama took advantage of and is now trying to hide behind as the image exits office, so it will not be investigated.

Blacks have been brought to ruin under Obama. They are shot and imprisoned around America by the Obama police state. Their diplomas mean absolutely nothing and now with Obama blacklash, the world has had enough of Designer Negroes. It is going to take the Azealia Banks rugged individuals to rebuild the black image in the world, and the first step is stepping out, speaking up, and announcing they are voting for a person who the DNC and liberals have not given them permission to vote for.

That is what a Republic is, and Azealia Banks is more Republican than the entire Jeb Bush GOPliters who have the Limbaugh Cruz litmus test in you can not be a Republican if you do not do what I dictate.

All of us can agree that since Ronald Reagan left office, America has had regimes who have done nothing but prey on the 99% while profiting the 1% and criminalizing the 99. Being American is the right to say NO, the right to be STUPID, the right to be LAZY, the right to be what you are every day in your deciding it.

This is about race, the American race in all of us assembled as unique People, or majority governing within the law and the minority being protected, but not allowed to infringe on the rights of the majority.

Azealia Banks is an America. Celebrate!!!!

TRUMP 2016