Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Checked Your Grocery Bill Lately?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

How is that food bill treating you?

Going down like a rock, right? You can buy groceries now just like in 1970 in 20 dollars fills your entire car right?

Now that you are getting furious inside you, it is time to introduce Mark Levin, that Russian Khazarian mafia big mouth who works for Big Koch and the CIA to lie to you......you know like vouching for foreign born Ted Cruz who wants to burn Christians at the stake.

The reason the focus is on Mark Levin, as you remember when Obama seized power, and wheat prices were through the roof right? You remember the rice eaters were all whining in the 3rd world about expensive rice........and Mark Levin came out for Big Koch and blamed the American farmer and ethanol production which Ted Cruz hates as Big Koch funds him too.

I will explain this again as you think about your high Obama grocery bills, but not too much, but enough so you pay attention here.

Mark Levin lied to you in telling you it was corn production which caused the George Soros speculation in driving up all food prices.........yes it was George Soros doing it, but it was Levin and Koch blaming corn farmers........and of course I told you the Truth in corn is not raised on arid wheat lands, so it had nothing to do with it as it was Soros nation rape again.

The reason Big Koch has Limbaugh and Levin hating ethanol, is because Koch owns a monopoly on ethanol, and got it through subsidies. Koch wants the subsidies off ethanol,  to crush competitors and keep other producers from starting up, so Koch's monopoly will be able to charge a fortune for ethanol.
Yes that is criminal and that is what Mark Levin is advocating, as Mark Levin the Russian mobster likes endorsing criminals like Ted Cruz and Big Koch.

Now back to your grocery bills. As most of you have no connection to farmers and ranchers, and never listen to the markets, I am going to still ask you, how much is wheat or beef now that farmers and ranchers are being paid, as your prices have not dropped any have they?

Those evil farmers and ranchers must be making out like thieves or Big Koch or Mark Levin right? Not in the least.
For simple assessments so you understand this, Beef has dropped to around 1.30 a pound from around 2.00 a pound. That is 1/3rd of the price in a plunge. For wheat it has dropped from like 11 dollars a bushel down to 4 dollars a bushel, which is like 2/3rds in the price.....and yet as you are in the grocery store, you have noticed that none of those retail prices have gone down.

The reason is the conglomerates in their processing monopolies. They have always screwed farmers over and consumers over. It is just like oil. They gouge people all the time. They pay nothing for the product, and when the price goes up, they spike prices, and their prices never come down, so they continue to make these criminal profits.

Was there any more land created in the earth got bigger so prices fell? Not in the least, and no more wheat was planted. It was Soros again in the speculators who did this in robbing you like this entire system robs you.

You never hear about this being covered, because the conglomerates own all the media, and all the media covers this up, or like Levin goes on a rampage lying to you about who is to blame as his million dollar profits keep pouring in as he minds you, and lies to you about what a great American Ted Cruz is.

Hamburger is still around 5 dollars a pound, and should be down to around 2 dollars. Bread should be around a dollar a loaf and it is around four. It is all about criminal profits and these criminal liars like Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh getting kickbacks as much as the traitors on the left......as you fully can see the Obama regime never investigates any of this, but has been busy on the setting up of these monopolies like Big Gun, Big Koch, Big Frac.....all the people you are lied to and told are right wing, have made fortunes under the Obama regime.

Every one of you is in the market at least once a week. I want you to know as you are looking at prices where your money is going. It is not to farmers or ranchers as usual, as the fact is on beef.......the regime has been importing record amounts of foreign beef for your table, and for other nations OBSCENE PROFITS off of Americans.
Yes like Muslim oil, there is now foreign beef, like Chinese oysters poisoning all of us, as the Obama regime wants their foreign interests to profit, so Americans who produce food, will be bankrupted as prices fall, but the Obama inflation continues to rise.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.