Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Ted Cruz is a Psychotic Continuum

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Reverse Speech expert, David John Oates has uncovered a complete psychotic manifestation now generating constantly in Ted Cruz. This is beyond disturbing and has alarmed Mr. Oates and his associates, as much as every person who has been studying this for the past 20 years, including Jeff Rense.

Ted Cruz began breaking down two weeks ago in referencing blood in speaking of Donald Trump. In the past week, Ted Cruz now in speaking the name Donald Trump, reverses to BLOOD as that is the murderous intent now generated in Ted Cruz psyche.

I will have to inquire on this further, as I am stunned by this, as this akin to the forensic psychologist stumbling upon the first serial murderer as a unique case specimen.

I do not know yet the threat Donald Trump is under, if  Ted Cruz is in discussions for assassination or has heard of this, because the reversals all speak to large amounts of blood being spilled and it is Mr. Trump's blood.
It is certain that Cruz is frustrated as he references again "the deal", that Cruz was to have this stolen from Donald Trump, but it has not worked.

At the start of this campaign, David John Oates , was having problems finding reversals on Ted Cruz when Cruz was in "control". Cruz is now out of control and  the reversals are flowing and are vehemently evil.

Ted Cruz Reversals

Cruz as Fiorina as VP: I RAPE.
Cruz on beating Donald Trump: MUCH BLOOD HE MAKE. (He is Cruz)
Cruz on Carly Fiorina nomination: MAKE ME KILL THE WOLF.(Wolf is figurative of Trump.)
Cruz on Donald Trump in cage match: I MAKE MUCH BLOOD TO SUCK.
Cruz on Donald Trump with Boehner: MUCH BLOOD
Cruz on calling Donald Trump sleazy: SEE BLOOD RUNNING DOWN.
Cruz on who Donald Trump supports: SEE BRIBERY CON
Cruz on votes in New York: WE DELIGHT IN PAIN.
Cruz on votes in Texas he received: WHAT'S THIS THE DEAL WAS SET. (Cruz made deal to steal the election from Donald Trump.)

As a disturbing as Ted Cruz is in placing Carly Fiorina on his failed  ticket in speaking of RAPE, Carly Fiorina in speaking of Bill Clinton raping women, states she is horny.
Cruz thinks in rape terms around women and Fiorina is aroused by rape. A psychotic couple.


Fiorina on Ted Cruz ticket: HAD THE DEAL
Fiorina on Bill Clinton rapes: I'M HORNY
Fiorina attacking Ted Cruz: REMEMBER THE HELL
Fioring attacking Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump: THEY HAD THE PATH. (Admires them)


Hillary Clinton for all of her rhetoric, is scared as she knows she is weak and going to lose to Donald Trump.


Hillary Clinton on promising funds to supporters : SAY YOU RAVE IN MY CON
Hillary Clinton on legalities: HEAR THE LIE DO IT
Hillary Clinton on losing 4 states: I'M DAMN YELLOW (lack of courage)
Hillary Clinton on primaries: HILLARY'S SCARED (She refers to herself in 3rd person which is odd.)
Hillary Clinton on jobs for Americans: GET A NEW JOB
Hillary Clinton on her volunteers: NOW HELP NO ONE
Hillary Clinton on Obama asking her to be at Sec. of State: SAY TO SHOW WE'RE BLOOD (There is a cartel connection between Obama and Clinton.)

Donald Trump once again is again his honesty and reveals that Bill Clinton would be very upset, because Democrats are contacting Donald Trump in supporting Mr. Trump over Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump  

Donald Trump on people attacking him joining his team: Bill would really fuss. (That is Bill Clinton and Democrats are coming over to Donald Trump.)
Donald Trump on Hillary Clinton: Hillary may last awhile.
Donald Trump on illegals: Have rotten thug.
Donald Trump on Cruz stealing primaries: Yeah you're a pest.
Donald  Trump on down turn of steel industry: They were illegal.
Donald Trump on California vote: They are feeble.  We  are fed up.
Donald Trump on nuclear weapon  threat: Thou get us whirlwind.
Donald Trump nuclear threat: Yes and I need this oath. (Must become President.)
Donald Trump on delegates being stolen: They can mess me up.
Donald Trump taking a CBS question: Baby satan (meaning CBS) 

*Note: The Lame Cherry was moved earlier this week to link the destiny of Donald Trump was the whirlwind.
This was posted 3 days ago. 

He comes the whirlwind, before the perfect storm.

- Lame Cherry

There are disturbing GOP Chair Reince Priebus reversals, in which Priebus refers to himself as Adolf Hitler, about a gun in dispatching a "wolf" who appears to be Donald Trump, and killing something at the Republican Convention in Cleveland.

Reince Priebus

Priebus on elections: I'M A NEW ADOLF (Preibus is Hitler)
Priebus on having fun:  WOLF HE GET'S A GUN MY CATCH (Priebus is talking assassination)
Priebus on convention: NOW WE'LL DO IT DEAD 
Priebus on GOP activists: BAD THEY CARRY US.

In the Cruz reversals,
Note the "I" for Cruz, and the action verbs dealing with MAKE and SEE. This is in Cruz's mind "actions", of making these situations take place in which he is visualizing them.

I honestly conclude that Ted Cruz is now demon possessed. He now is in the possession of a blood lust demon. This is a power demon, as St. Paul lists them after principality demons.

Ted Cruz has descended into an unheard of psychotic condition which the Lame Cherry diagnoses as a Psychotic Continuum


(Look for these reversals on RENSE on the right side of the page by the Fukushima alerts.)