Sunday, May 22, 2016

Condemnation of the West

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have a sign and a witness against the People of America and it is telling, first and last, to unmask that which is in the American heart and soul, and that which condemns it.

As I await for the big donation for the deadbeat rich, as Noah awaited a world to repent before it was wiped out by God, I have plans for TL's and our home, and I noticed the other day, that I probably have around 800 dollars worth of Biblical related materials and Bibles.
They are children's books to Bibles of all sorts. The last Bible I picked up was 4 Bibles in one in different translations.
I am certain many of the deadbeats or even some donors are accusing me in saying, "See Lame Cherry has that kind of money to spend on Bibles wastefully and it proves I should be keeping my money".
First it is not your money it is God's. Second, SHAME ON YOU, YOU SHAMELESS VERMIN, because I gather these materials home from the thrift store, because they are books which are free, and if I did not pick them up, they would be thrown in the dump.

In forensic sciences, you find patterns to lead to conclusions. What I have before me is, the remnant of now 75 to 100 year old Americans who were born from 1925 to 1940 who are now dying. It is the same with the heavy cast aluminum which I was gathering, it is coming from a generation who cooked holiday meals, and raised a nation of baby boomers who simply are a ghastly bunch who stick parents in nursing homes to die, dump them into coffins, and can not get the house on the market and the stores of a lifetime into a junk store fast enough, to divide the spoils.

None of what I am picking up is "good enough" for these pretty children. They have the lives that their parents built, so why on earth would they want some dishes Mom had for Thanksgiving, and why on earth would they want some Bible that Dad read from.

The Bible I use now every morning is a very old, pages yellow brown, well-worn Bible that should have been buried with the Christian who had it, but instead it was in the thrift store, along with so many Biblical resources that I could never afford them, because some are over 30 dollars and that was from a time when Richard Nixon was President.

Americans, and the Peoples of the West have absolutely no time for God. There should be something that jerks at their hearts in seeing religious books, that guilts them into a, "Well I better keep that or I am going to hell", but that does not slow these people down in the least. These children in the baby boomers are an overwhelming lot, who absolutely have no soul. Their children are as apostate and reprobate, because I find their Bibles given to them tossed into the junk too, as they left home, and left their Bibles too.

Sometimes like my old Bible, they rip the front dedication page out to hide their sins, as if this hides it from God. Sometimes, they are too busy, and there proudly is displayed the dedication to some child now another brainless American ready for the ash pile, in a Bible they threw away.

So I rescue them, as study helps, and know that probably someday, the People who survive might yearn for a Bible, and then I will have some to share.

This is the condemnation of America, in the West is a People who throws away Spiritual guidance as they go on their way to hell. I save some of them though as that Catholic and Jehovah's Witness dogma of the Vatican and satan, is gathered in too, and burned, as I will not allow this to fall into the deluded mind's hands.
I also burned my first Sesame Street book, as that pollution is part of what corrupted these Bible tosser's minds.

It is what I do, because it is what you do in your condemnation.