Sunday, May 22, 2016

1936 AD in the year of our Lord

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter ant matter.

One of the writers I hold dear is Mr. Maurice Decker, Gun Editor from Fur Fish Game from a generation ago. He co authored a book with, Winfield Kimball, on motorized camping when it was first new, and this story was included which I found interesting, as I would not trust anyone in Washington from either political party to know a blessed thing now or give you anything but the wrong information.

We reached Washington, D. C., late one afternoon. 
It was mid-July and we were headed for the municipal 
camp. This was a dandy one, judging from the com
ments of tourists we had met on the road. I pulled up 
beside a curb and glanced around, looking for somebody 
who could direct us. A plainly dressed man was leaving 
an office door. He looked professional in his blue suit, 
and the quizzical wrinkles about his shrewd eyes en 
couraged us to stop him. 

"Wonder if you could direct us to the public camp 

He removed the cigar from his mouth and said, "Sure. 
Turn about and go back seven blocks. You'll see a sign 
on the left corner. Follow it." 

I watched him enter an official-looking car and, while 
my memory for faces is none too good, I suddenly recog 
nized him not from any personal acquaintance, but 
from his pictures in the press. I had asked a member of 
the President's cabinet how to find the motor camp 
ground. And he had told us!

It is a sad world which we exist in now, that the politicians are such alien creatures alienating the public, who are their bosses, that they all need security, from all the crazy people these regimes are creating.

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