Thursday, May 19, 2016

Conservative MisCONstrue

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is going to be a political technical white paper, and it will make your brain hurt, but this is the sewer I have to immerse myself in, as putting out fires stated against Donald Trump, requires on all fronts from racism of these ConCons, or Constitutional Conservatives in "trumpsters" or "trumpanzees" to these quasi-intellectual cut and paste types like Ted Cruz and Mark Levin, who hide their hatred of Americans in this inter intellectual verbiage meant to bully and obfuscate, the racists they really are, in this Elect Hillary 2016 group of GOPliters.

The issue of the latest attack on Donald Trump is that he is a "progressive" who will run on issues in the campaign to the left of Hillary Clinton, as if this is some fornication with satan. Read on, and the Lame Cherry will eviscerate Mark Levin and obliterate this latest nonsense that Mark Levin is about.

All of this starts at Conservative Review where Levin had himself installed as the litmus test of what is American and what is not in the little gold stars on the arm bands those who support Donald Trump must wear like some scarlet letter.

Today, the New York Times reports that long-time Donald Trump advisor Roger Stone expects Trump to campaign to the “left of Hillary Clinton” on a variety of issues.  This of course is not a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to CR Editor-in-Chief Mark Levin.  Levin has been warning about the progressive roots of populism for months now on his radio and television programs.

Levin likes to use words his listeners are ignorant of or grasp for the meaning of as "populism is really progressivism".

First we will explain the terms.

Populism means an idea which is popular with the majority of people.

Progressivism means a philosophy which moves the political ideas forward.

Now that this is understood, we embark on your having your eyes open with knowledge.

Do you know who the real first progressive was in America in politics?

It was a Republican named Theodore Roosevelt running as a progressive in the Bull Moose.

Now Mark Levin throws this out as some evil thing, but I am going to present you with the facts and you can decide, because Levin is no genius, and while he spews condemnation against Teddy Roosevelt, the only reason Levin knows Roosevelt was a progressive, is because Teddy Roosevelt proudly said he was one.

Now for your information on progressivism, in what America was like.

Corporations up to World War I, which was the era of Woodrow Wilson, a socialist intellectual, employed children in factory jobs, and Wilson agreed as a democrat with this as did the Republican establishment.

In these corporations were people who worked obviously who were exploited. From the 1880's onward there were communist type movements for workers rights, as 16 hour days, 7 days a week, with being worked to death like communist China, was America.

Does that sound like something you would enjoy in your children working 16 hours, no education, and dying by age 65. See that is why Social Security under Franklin Roosevelt set retirement ages at that, because most people were dying at 65 years old and everyone was dead by age 70. As late as the 1960's in America, age 70 was extremely old in America as most people had been worked to death.

Now let us return to the workers, who were immigrants being exploited or inner city slum dwellers, who were uneducated, beat on their wives, treated their children like dogs, and were usually covered with lice. This was the American working class, and I will tell you a story my dad frequently mentioned from his childhood.

Workers in chocolate factories, that would be like Hershey's, often chewed tobacco, and would walk along and instead of spitting it on the floor which would be unsanitary, spit into the chocolate vats.

That is probably making you cringe a bit, but that was America in what corporations were being run as. Hershey's recipe in fact is an unsanitary mistake, as the owner put in sour cream as that is all he had, and it created the Hershey chocolate flavor which people like. There were no safeguards for American consumers from all of this disgusting profiteering and exploitation.

Theodore Roosevelt, the Republican, wanted to progress America beyond this, and started an advocacy against child labor, and something called the Food and Drug Administration, so no more spitting in the chocolate and no more selling you "wonder cures" as Sears Roebuck did, which was nothing but coca or opium tonics in pure alcohol, drugging Americans to oblivion.

So ask yourself, is Teddy Roosevelt progress to protect you a bad thing, when it is something the majority of you like, in making it popular? Mark Levin says it is evil, because his crony conservatism, which is nothing Conservative at all, but instead is paid graft propaganda to allow Big Koch and other corporations to exploit Mexican and Muslim slave labor while driving up oil prices by suppressing ethanol, which funds 9 11 terror events is what Mark Levin deems is good.

See no one will take on Mark Levin on the issues and the content, because he tries to intimidate people who are ignorant of the facts, but when you know the facts, you can now determine if Mark Levin is the evil, and Teddy Roosevelt was the good, and Donald Trump in being progressive for Americans is that same force for good.

Have the liberals hijacked our agencies to criminalize us and intimidate us? Of course they have, as that is not what Republicans ever intended, nor is it something Donald Trump intends.
We are now in an Obama abyss, and Mark Levin, Cockerboy Limbaugh and Erick Erickson, who all are made rich from the conglomerates exploiting all of us, want to drag all of us back to the death chamber which Bush Inc. created and Obama pumped the zyklon gas into for American genocide.

What Republicans have had since George H W Bush lied to Americans that he was Conservative, is nothing but feudalism. The rich exploit the poor and get richer. All of these frauds, have campaigned as right wing, and then been rejected or disappointed in HW to John McCain to Mitt Romney, who were ALL Socialist Democrats, meaning leftwing feudalists like Obama, like Paul Ryan, like Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump is returning to the Reagan coalition of workers rights, Union rights, conglomerates paying taxes instead of exploiting slave labor, with protecting Americans in secure borders which protects 3rd worlders being imported as slaves.

Mr. Trump is neither liberal nor conservative on all things, no more than Roosevelt, Nixon, Reagan were, as they were in the majority Conservative on defense, jobs, the economy, but often looked for ways to protect Americans.

Mark Levin is part of a movement to install Hillary Clinton for a fictional Ted Cruz 2020 run. Ted Cruz could not cheat and steal an election from Donald Ted Cruz is not going to beat Hillary Clinton in office, and, Mark Levin is using this faux intellectualism to promote Big Koch exploitation of the 99% in order to try and sabotage Donald Trump, as that is what Levin is paid for.

The difference this time is, Mark Levin is being exposed for the racist exploiter he is. He is a modern apologist slave trader of the masses, using conglomerate propaganda to try and keep the feudal 1% few in dictatorial Obama Clinton power, as that is what Ted Cruz was going to implement for his oligarch billionaire owners.

Now ask yourself, do you want Donald Trump progressive populist common sense Conservatism protecting you, or do you want Mark Levin exploiting you for the feudal few?

That is what the November election is about, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz and their conglomerate propagandists against Donald Trump and every American.

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