Friday, May 6, 2016

Conservative Vice President Dick Cheney Endorses President Elect, Donald Trump

Pelosi, Vicente Fox plot to defeat Trump...
Mexican calls Trump voters lazy drunks...

JEB! 'I will not vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton'...

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There are now grounds to indict former Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi on charges of colluding with a foreign government to overthrow the Government of the United States in her plotting with Vincente Fox against Donald Trump, for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders, which Mexico should be warned IS AN ACT OF WAR.

No matter on that, as after President Trump is elected, Attorney General Chris Christie can indict Mrs. Pelosi, convict her before a tribunal and hang her.
As for Mr. Fox, now that Mexico has declared war on these United States, America has every right to liberate the Texas northern territories south of the Rio Grande from the days of the Republic, and open these new American territories to settlement of Americans, with their Mexican indentured servants deported from Trump America.
The Border Wall just went 1000 miles south of of the Rio and we can thank warmonger Vicente Fox for this.

On brighter notes, Bush fam has gone trifecta in being sore losers in Pops and the Boyz are now officially moving to Jeb 2020, if Ted Cruz 2020 in their Nixonian fantasy of competition of making America suffer more in installing Hillary, and thinking they can just win in 2020.......when no one wanted them in 2016 or will in 2020.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney, will support Donald Trump, he told CNN Friday.

And for even brighter news, Vice President Dick Cheney has weighed in, against Bush fam, and against these traitors like Paul Ryan, in announcing he will support Donald Trump for President.
I realize I pounded Richard over his going sodom, over his goofy daughter, but I like Richard Cheney, even if he is unpopular. I can vouche that Mr. Cheney has absolute class in he was the only one who ever responded to me while he was Vice President. I still have the card from him and I make the point when Dick Cheney is on your side for Donald Trump, you celebrate as you want that kind of contact, insight and ability.
It just may be the normal Cheney daughter, will be appearing in an Under Secretary not think Vice President, but is an outside shot with the far right to beef that up on the ticket. I still am advocating for Jamie Beutler or her boss out in Washington State, both solid Conservative Republicans who can get legislation done.

Any way let's leave this eve of the Sabbath in brighter news yet, in Alex Jones is calling Glenn Beck a prancing demon, and now that we have collusion confirmed in Nancy Pelosi to hang her after a court trial and can now take back Texas territory from warmonger Vincte Fox, we can have Chris Christie start working on the criminal collusion of the Bush fam, Ted Cruz, Mark Levin, Cockerboy Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and that host that left a trail on Right Wing News colluding in treason against Donald Trump.

I sort of think that if Chris Christie would sell television rights and tickets, that America could settle most of the Obama national debt in showing the public executions of these scoundrels.......have a nice caviar and toast with champagne before, at intermission a pleasant gala of beef  horderves, cheese and Trump wines, and maybe line up the corpses in a B 52 and drop them on the ocean where Great White Sharks can gnaw on them as Boston Pops plays Sousa music.
I don't think a Matt Walsh execution would bring in much viewership except the AltRight, but maybe the Administration could put satan dancer Beck on top of the ticket.........oh and have Gene Simmons do a Kiss concert......yeah that would bring in the bucks.

Any way, the Lame Cherry welcomes the esteemed, honored and much maligned Vice President Dick Cheney, a real bonafied Conservative endorsing Donald Trump, against the social democrat Bush fam, being Nixonian with Ted Cruz, voting for disaster in America.

Dick Cheney will support Donald Trump. -

Former Vice President Dick Cheney will support Donald Trump, he told CNN Friday, an important move as the presumptive Republican nominee is encountering ...

For those who are shortsighted, it is going to take ever asset America has to exploit them to keep the West out of World War IV which Obama and Bush fam constructed. Richard Cheney has all the Right wing Arab, Jewish and European contacts which Donald Trump is going to require to make Trump policy move forward.