Friday, May 6, 2016

Paul Ryan's Agenda Project

TPP: Ryan launches trade agenda - Ron Paul Forums Vicki Needham - 02/08/15 Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) is putting his muscle into reaching a deal on trade with President Obama. The new chairman of the House ...

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I agree  with Sean Homo Hannity in it is time for America to find another new Speaker of the House and Wisconsin needs to find a new Representative, as Paul Ryan, the co graduate of the Aspen Institute with DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, is building a bridge to Republican disaster with his 2016 outreach, not to Republicans, but to appeal to Democratic voters.

"To be the party and climb the final hill and win, we need a standard-bearer that can unify all conservatives and the wings of the party and then go to the country with an appealing agenda that's appealing to the Democrats. We have work to do on the front. The nominee has to lead in that effort."

Paul Ryan

Let me just back this up for a second, in the little Speaker who could sign blank checks to Obama for trillions of dollars, who like Cockerboy Limbaugh keeps calling himself a "conservative" when they have not done a blessed thing for Americans.........since Newt Gingrich was Speaker A20th  CENTURY AGO, and Ryan's idea in backing EVERY Hillary Clinton policy from amnesty to satan knows what is huddled with his little chairpeople to put together an agenda to unify "conservatives" and "wings" of the GOP, with an appealing agenda for Democrats.

The only thing in America which is appealing to Conservatives, Wings of the GOP and Democrats is Donald Trump and Paul Ryan is being an ass to the Republican nominee for President.

Seriously has Paul Ryan stopped Obama? NO

Seriously, has Paul Ryan passed pro gun bills? NO

Seriously, has Paul Ryan passed pro life bills? NO

Seriously, has Paul Ryan passed pro straight rights bills? NO

Seriously, has Paul Ryan passed border security bills? NO

So ask yourself what this 2016 agenda to unite America is going to be, than more of the same damned Obama policies from amnesty, more conglomerate trade rape of Americans, and more debt for image Obama to implode the US economy.
You have seen and heard all of this bullshit since that child rapist Dennis Hastert was in Congress running things and lying to all of us, that nothing Conservative could be passed, because of Gangs of 8  Democrats and other blatant lies.

Paul Ryan is spinning the same Bush socialism and globalism which American have just rejected again, as they rejected it in 1980 with Ronald Reagan, in 1990 with the Gingrich Contract with America, and in 2016 with the election of Donald Trump as the nominee. We have heard this "be more like Obama" bullpussy, since Eisenhower came home from the Soviet Union and said we had to be more FDR New Deal communists, and Americans want no part of it.

Paul Ryan is about to lead the Republican party to an epic defeat as Donald Trump is elected to the White House. Ryan was so out of touch that he had no idea Cruz was fleeing the race on criminal charges, and was still huddled preparing how to be more like Hillary Clinton after Republicans spoke.

Paul  Ryan is not a Conservative. He is a conglomeratist liberal slave trader, just like the British who imported dark skinned peoples to America for profits, while telling everyone how moral they were.

For the record, Paul Ryan is a clever criminal and traitor. He is not guilty of his shady dealings, but if you remember in Reverse Speech how Reince Priebus kept nattering on about "Muslim money coming into the GOP to defeat Donald Trump", perhaps the People of Wisconsin need to start asking Paul Ryan about all of his knowledge of this money laundering  from ISIS, in McCain and Graham conduits into the GOP, as Paul Ryan knows

It is an easy promise that when you hear Paul Ryan's GOP campaign talking points, you are going to groan, be disgusted how Hillary it is, and start thinking about not voting for your Republican representatives and thank God, that Donald Trump is running for President and will win.

Paul Ryan's agenda is a project for utter ruin Obama deathstyle.