Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Cyber War Against LaVoy Finicum


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In the emails generated over the murder of LaVoy Finicum, there is the genesis of the leviathan of things which we heard of, but it made little sense, in the fixation on the "social media" spying, and the literal cyber war unleashed.

You will notice in the emails from the media director, an Elizabeth A. Steele of the FBI, directing a fiction that the FBI was not leading this, when in fact it is always the FBI in charge. What is telling is the focus from the start to unleash cyber warfare in Oregon and it is focused on in this quote:

Nate is going to request Virtual Operations Support Team (VOST) assistance to monitor media reporting. This was very helpful at the UCC shooting. He is also going to grab relevant social media accounts for use by HCSO to keep the refuge folks from grabbing them.

As you can see the FBI has an entire operational protocol of monitoring the so called Free Press. We know that it creeps on Facebook and all media in using the private conversations and postings to hang Americans with in their own words.

Before anyone even thought of Malheur Facebook or Twitter accounts, the FBI was moving to seize them, in order to silence the voice of the Patriots.  This is what Special Agent Gregory Bretzing confirmed in he was for the FBI running a multiple level operation of psychological warfare, cyber warfare and literally physical warfare on Americans, who were basically a group of cow herders, who honestly were outmaneuvered in one of the typical scorched earth operations to smear the people the regime targets and then murder and imprison them.

It is interesting in how absolutely nonchalant all of these hired participants are. It never occurs to them that they are dealing with fellow Americans who are paying their salaries and should be protecting these Patriots and not treating them how Muslim terrorists should be treated, and are instead protected.

 Original message --------
From: "Steele, Elizabeth A. (PD) (FBI)" <
Date: 1/3/2016 1:17 PM (GMT-08:00)
To: "Steele, Elizabeth A. (PD) (FBI)" <
>, "Sgt.
Nathan Thompson (CCSO PIO)" <
>, "Paz,
Christine M. (PD) (FBI)" <
>, "Dezsofi, Gerald E.
(PD) (FBI)" <
>, "Fabian Kreamier, Antonia (PD)
(FBI)" <
>, "Dietrich, Ayn S. (SE)
(FBI)" <
>, "Campbell, Joshua S. (DO) (FBI)"
jason  holm@fws.gov
, "Ballew, Kathryn D. (DO) (FBI)"
>, "Badden, Gerri (USAOR)"
>, "Christopher Baldridge (Marion Co. SO PIO)"
Subject: RE: Harney County PIOs - Sunday, January 3, 2016
Hello All -
I am adding:
- Jason Holm (USFWS)
- Gerri Badden (U.S. Attorney's Office PIO)
- Chris Baldridge (Marion Co. SO)
and correcting email for Denise Ballew
- I am hopeful the conference call line will be set up ASAP. As soon as I get it I will let you
know. Saying that, we are (finally) past Sandy as soon as we hit Timberline, I will lose cell
coverage for a bit.
Other updates:
- VOST may be problematic. We will work that out this afternoon. If official VOST support
is a problem, we will attempt to do it internally utilizing FBI and Clackamas Co. Social
Media people. Any other LE resources who can help would be appreciated.
- I have requested a generic email account be set up so that media will have one-stop-
shopping for help from the JIC. That is in progress.
- I have set up a Dropbox account. You will receive an invite in your email soon. If you
aren't familiar with it, it is fairly easy to use. If you download a document to make
changes, make sure you re-up-load it so that we can all see any changes (such as PIO
contact lists)
- I am working on an official FBI statement. It will probably take me awhile to get it
approved but hope to do so this afternoon
Beth Anne Steele
FBI Portland
Public Affairs
(503) 460-8099
From: Steele, Elizabeth A. (PD) (FBI)
Sent: Sunday, January 03, 2016 11:17 AM
To: Sgt. Nathan Thompson (CCSO PIO); Steele, Elizabeth A. (PD) (FBI); Paz, Christine M.
(PD) (FBI); Dezsofi, Gerald E. (PD) (FBI); Fabian Kreamier, Antonia
 (PD) (FBI); Dietrich,
Ayn S. (SE) (FBI); Campbell, Joshua S. (DO) (FBI);
megan  nagel@fws.gov
Subject: Harney County PIOs - Sunday, January 3, 2016
Hi All -
My name is Beth Anne Steele, and I am the primary PIO for the FBI in Oregon. As you
may have guessed by now the FBI will be the primary federal voice for the refuge
response. I have spent 15 years being very careful about not saying we are the lead, but I
don't know anyway around it at this point in this particular situation.
I have tried to pull all PIO emails of folks I have talked to so far or have received emails
from. If I am missing people, please let me know. I am attaching an Excel spreadsheet... I
need folks to send the info that is missing about you/your co-workers to Jennifer Adams
. I hope to set up a dropbox account soon where we can start
tracking everything.
I hope to set up a conference call soon - waiting for the 800 number to get established for
PIOs. (This is not for media... this is for us).
I have spoken to Lt. Needham at HCSO. HCSO is already setting up a unified command,
JIC and media/press conference area. They are getting the JIC set up for internet,
phones, etc. As soon as those plans are finalized, we can update all on that.

Other points:
- I am leaving Portland any moment. As soon as I can get to Burns I will be there. In the
meantime, you can reach me by email or cell (503) 793-5494 as long as I have service up
and down the mountain.
- I spoke with Nate Thompson, Clackamas Co. SO PIO, who will call Lt. Needham. Nate is
going to request Virtual Operations Support Team (VOST) assistance to monitor media
reporting. This was very helpful at the UCC shooting. He is also going to grab relevant
social media accounts for use by HCSO to keep the refuge folks from grabbing them.

(Nate can likely come tomorrow to help)

- I have requested FBIHQ set up a media email account for media to have one-stop
shopping for requests through the JIC.
 Beyond that, Lt. Needham or I will figure out a one-stop shopping phone line that can be monitored from the JIC
I'm sure there will be more soon. Thank you all for everything you are doing!

Beth Anne Steele
FBI Portland
Public Affairs
(503) 460-8099