Monday, May 9, 2016

Republican Presidential Candidate Bob Dole Endorses Donald Trump for President

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If only, America had not been enamored with serial rapist Bill Clinton in 1996 and enabler wife, Hillary Clinton, the tool of the Rockefeller patricians and had not smeared Senator Robert Dole of Kansas and Senator Jack Kemp of New York, there never would have been a 9 11, an Obama, a Hillary Clinton or now the Bush, Ryan, Cruz intrigue to steal the election from Donald Trump.

Donald Trump though moves forward to the Presidency with his transition team now named in Governor Chris Christie.

All of the elder Statesmen of the Republican Party have now endorsed Donald Trump as President in Vice President Richard Cheney, and his equal in policy, the titan of the Senate, Robert Dole of Kansas.

Dick Cheney Endorses Trump

The Latest Former GOP nominee Bob Dole endorses Trump

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I have the utmost respect for Dick Cheney when it comes to foreign diplomacy, as he knows all of the right wing leadership of the world, and has access to those portals. For the disaster the Obama regime made of the Mideast and Eastern Europe for dope operations and Muslim invasion, I do hope that Donald Trump will as Bill Clinton did with Richard Nixon, tap into the insights of Richard Cheney on matters of energy production and dealing with what is left of American allies in the Mideast and East Europe.

It is in this that I am most pleased with Bob Dole, who was smeared as ruthlessly as Donald Trump has been by Clinton forces and Bush fam, for Jeb in 2000 to run against Al Gore. Robert Dole with Robert Byrd guided the United States Senate as two of the towering figures in United States history for the People of America, and not conglomerates.

Senator Dole is a gentleman whose insights even at his World War II age in being a veteran are of great value on domestic policy, how the Senate works, and on understanding the that vital link of what and who the people were before we had a world of President Putin and President Kim Jong Un.

While Bush fam can plot now in the most notorious betrayal of America, ever with this fraud Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, there  are real Conservatives, True Conservatives as in Vice President Richard Cheney and Presidential Candidate of 1996 for the Republicans in Bob Dole who have now endorsed Donald Trump, as these Americans know what a precarious position America is in, and are putting America first as true Republicans will.

I hope that it would work out that President elect Trump will be able to employ Liz Cheney in his Administration on key foreign policy interactions and for Elizabeth Dole to convey the thoughts of Senator Dole to provide insights to President Trump in these crucial times.
I have admiration for the statesman in President Gerald Ford, in the situations he was stuck in from the Warren Commission to Watergate, and how he had a knack for picking some of the most outstanding Americans from Donald Rumsfeld, Richard Cheney, Robert Dole and Milton Friedman, who continued to make a huge contribution to the security and prosperity of America. These are the Republicans. These are the real Conservatives, who stood with Ronald Reagan, and watched like all of us, as the Reagan Conservativism was hijacked, and now rejected in this Bush Obama, Ryan Obama, Cruz Obama, Clinton Obama fornication of America.

I have faith that Donald Trump will pick with God's assistance the Citizens America needs for our Administration. The reality that Mr. Trump is attracting not only Democratic Patriots, but the real Conservatives in Robert Dole and Richard Cheney speaks greatly to the foundation of this man. An Administration is something of direction, grand ideas, and the wonks who steadily implement the policies for Americans, instead of what Obama did in his wonks were implementing polices for the genocide of America.

This is what the Bob Dole group will provide. There was nothing of flash about the Gerald Ford people, They were all action and ability and American greatly benefited from them. Those were the people George W. Bush built his success upon, which was brought to ruin when the Conservatives were exiled from his administration.

This puts to rest that the Conservative movement is dead under Donald Trump and the Republican Party is to be abandoned like in Matt Walsh. Bob Dole and Dick Cheney are the bonafied leaders of the Republican Party who were true believers in Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon. Donald Trump is now that chosen future for the GOP, a party by the people, of the people and for the people.

We owe Bob Dole a great debt, and great thanks for his endorsement of President elect Donald Trump.

These paid for minders undermining America for Bush, Ryan, Cruz 2020 are traitors to America for their 30 pieces of silver. Bob Dole is a true Patriot and has risen to rebuke the Bush fam intrigue as America always comes first, as it does with Donald Trump and every True American.