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Dietrich Eckart:Greatest European Mind of the 20th Century

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Now that the propaganda of the 20th century is waxing void, and the Truth of History is rising to the fact of factual examination, a revelation is occurring that the greatest European of the 20th century was German, and if I were to mention his name, you  would have no idea who he was.
He was man though which changed the world, built upon the other legendary Germans of the 19th century in Bismark and Kaiser Wilhelm.

His name is Dietrich Eckart and for the pre war and post war Great European War, his vision, and his works spoke for the German nation and the world. Can anyone disagree with the following quote?

"In Christ, the embodiment of all manliness, we find all that we need. And if we occasionally speak of Baldur (a god in Norse mythology), our words always contain some joy, some satisfaction, that our pagan ancestors were already so Christian as to have an indication of Christ in this ideal figure."

This is German Intellectualism, where science like Newton and philosophy as in Madison melded to the Higher state, where Jesus was not the whipping boy, but the embodiment of all manliness.

The above appeard in the 1925 work,  Der Bolschewismus von Moses bis Lenin: Zwiegespräch zwischen Hitler und mir, and for those who do not speak German, the names Moses, Lenin and Hitler stand out, because the title is, "Bolshevism from Moses to Lenin: Dialogues Between Hitler and Me"

The reason you have never heard of Dietrich Eckhart is because his most prominent student was Adolf Hitler, and one can discern if they have a brain, that Adolf Hitler was not the godless socialist which the propaganda portrays him as, but he was the student of Eckart who was focused upon the greatest threat to humanity, and that was Communism as promoted by the genocidal European intellectual leftist Ashkenaz Asians, which had embedded themselves in Jewry.

The above quote is not singular as the 1935 quote of Herr Eckart explains in being Christian is the definition of manliness and Christianity is the Divine Liberation, for we are not intellect alone, but humanity is a soul.

"To be a genius means to use the soul, to strive for the divine, to escape from the mean; and even if this cannot be totally achieved, there will be no space for the opposite of good. It does not prevent the genius to portray also the wretchedness of being in all shapes and colors, being the great artist, that he is; but he does this as an observer, not taking part, sine ira et studio, his heart remains pure. ... The ideal in this, just like in every respect whatsoever is Christ; his words "You judge by human standards; I pass judgment on no one" show the completely divine freedom from the influence of the senses, the overcoming of the earthly world even without art as an intermediary. At the other end you find Heine and his race ... all they do culminates in ... the motive, in subjugating the world, and the less this works, the more hate-filled their work becomes that is to satisfy their motive, the more deceitful and fallacious every try to reach the goal. No trace of true genius, the very opposite of the manliness of genius ...."

To be a genius is not of the mind, but it is of the Inspiration of God touching the soul to God's Wisdom and Insight.

As numbers of you reading this are in a state of confusion in how could the mentor of Adolf Hitler have turned out the Hitler you think you know, it is a conclusion that what you have been told about Hitler is a twisted propaganda by those Marxist forces who have now in the Merkel Obama utter ruin of the world seized control and are enslaving all humanity and criminalizing Christianity as it promotes an Islamocommunist genocide dogma upon all nations.

After the first genocide of Germans in World War I, Dietrich Eckart founded the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (German Workers' Party - DAP). This was a political movement to save Germany, because Communists, Jesuits and the Ashkenaz had conspired with the Allied Powers to defeat Germany. See it was not socialist Woodrow Wilson or General Pershing who defeated Germany, it was English intrigue with the German left answering to the Vatican and the Elders which brought down the Kaiser and began the German Winter.

Eckart as all Germans were, was a fiery critic of the German Overthrow and the feeble Weimar Republic, he fiercely stood in opposition to the Treaty of Versailles, which was treason, and exposed the conspiracy of Dolchstoßlegende, the Cassius Stabbing In The Back of Germany which conspired in the Social Democrats and Jews were to blame for Germany's defeat in the war.

To provide this Nationalist German Patriot movement with more appeal to the masses, the Deutsche Arbeiterparte became the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (National Socialist German Workers Party – NSDAP). There never was a Nazi party in Germany. That name was a racial slur constructed by the leftist traitors against Germans.
The real origin of Nazi was in Austria the Catholic Jesuit minions were mostly named Ignatz during World War I. This group of low intellectual Jesuits became the Nazi of the south. A Nazi was never a German and never a Lutheran. It instead was a definition of the Jesuit Vaticanites who were in conspiracy against German Protestants with the Ashkenaz commerce which through communism was enslaving all of Europe from Dublin to Moscow.

In 1919 AD in the year of our Lord, Dietrich Eckart was at a DAP meeting, he heard Adolf Hitler give a speech, and was convinced from that moment on, that he had met the prophesied German messiah, in direct terms as Joan of Arc was to France or George Washington was to the Americans, because Herr Hitler was the man to save Germany from genocide.
This was not some unbalanced group of zealots, but this was the Thule Society.

"Eckhart was involved with the Thule Society, although not a member. The Society was a secretive group of occultists who believed in the coming of a “German Messiah” who would redeem Germany after its defeat in World War I. Eckart expressed his anticipation in a poem he wrote months before he first met Hitler. In the poem, Eckart refers to ‘the Great One’, ‘the Nameless One’, ‘Whom all can sense but no one saw’."

Remember the footage you have seen of the crowds for Adolf Hitler. You are not viewing fanaticism, but are viewing a group of suppressed peoples facing genocide, exactly like the Israelites in Egypt, and they were waiting for Moses, just like the Disciples were waiting for Christ to appear. That is why Herr Eckart's work mentions Moses, because that is what these Assyrian Germans were told to look for.

It was actually a German Jewish actor, Alfred Rosenberg, who Herr Eckart introduced to Herr Hitler, in order to help the chosen leader with his deliverance of lines and speeches. There never was a disconnect with Adolf Hitler from the Jews. The Germans never passed laws to disarm Jews or persecute them. What was lost in the translation is the Reich was purging leftist communists from Germany who were traitors from World War I and were calling for the genocide of the Germany people afterwards.

In the early 1920's, the German Eckart and the Jew Rosenberg labored for the Workers Party and for Adolf Hitler.

It was Alfred Rosenberg, the Jew, who introduced Adolf Hitler to the writings of Englishman, Houston Stewart Chamberlain, whose primary work, The Foundations of the Nineteenth Century became to the ideological framework of Anglo Saxon, or English German dominance of the world.
Mr. Chamberlain was married to the daughter of the great German composer Richard Wagner, and it explains why Adolf Hitler became such a proponent of Wagner's music.

Dietrich Eckart would never live to see his Christian German Peace for the world fulfilled, because upon being judged an enemy of the state, he was imprisoned, and the stress of it all in leading the German Revolution, produced a heart attack after his release in December of 1923 AD in the year of our Lord.

"On 9 November 1923, Eckart participated in the failed Beer Hall Putsch. He was arrested and placed in Landsberg Prison along with Hitler and other party officials, but was released shortly thereafter due to illness. He died of a heart attack in Berchtesgaden on 26 December 1923. He was buried in Berchtesgaden's old cemetery, not far from the eventual graves of Nazi Party official Hans Lammers and his wife and daughter."

This is the real German history and the real Adolf Hitler. He was a nationalist as pure as Ronald Reagan in American exceptionalism or Vladimir Putin in Russian rights. If time permits, the real history will overtake the propaganda of the late 20th century, and considering the European genocide by Islam being unleashed upon the European Peoples, those Europeans and Americans will begin to have the light of Deitrich Eckart dawn upon their understanding in seeing that Eckart was right all along, and that Adolf Hitler in his German Empire was attempting to save the world from what has now engulfed it in the 21st century.

There will be those who will continue to be in denial, but Muslim and Jesuit rape cock upon the peoples will inflict a revelation upon them, and their education will arrive at the conclusion that the great German leaders were right in the 19th and 20th centuries, and that the greatest European mind of the 20th century was Deitrich Eckart.

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