Thursday, May 12, 2016

Do Not Tell TL

Tiger Lilies Photograph

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wanted to thank the people who have expressed appreciation for the things TL is moved to post here, because I am proud of TL and my best half is someone I am going to divulge a little bit about.

TL is a child protegy. TL was reading books at age 3 I think, was learning Greek before most of us could print a sentence in English and was quite musical too.

I work from Holy Ghost Inspiration on everything, and often TL will inform me the basis of it in mathematics, biological chemistry or something else TL has stored away in that Mensa mind. Yes TL is a genius.

There are many reasons TL is good for me, but in this blog, it is the perfection of God, because no matter how hard I try, I can not be TL........TL can express things in ways I can not, and TL reaches people the way I am not able. It is like the differences in Paul, John, Peter and James. Each is telling of Christ, but each resonates at a different frequency. TL is special in this and I am grateful for how God works through TL.

Strong people only add strength to a relationship. I think of couples and individuals we have come to know through this blog, and from their posts, as TL shows me things people post like Sandy did the other day, and then today it will be someone on the Conservative Treehouse.

I hear often enough of people thinking of things and then my being moved by God to write them. I believe the matrix has numbers of us in contact in our auras, and we are hearing the same evidences like Mike was, or something like the Viking who appears at times to be peeking into my mind.

For me it is humbling to have TL as brilliant as TL is. It keeps me grounded better in God, in knowing that I am nothing special. It is like Mordecai informed Esther in,  "You either do the job or God is going to get someone who will".
The communication with God is what keeps me going in this. I relish being a tool in His hand. I praise Him in how TL is able to communicate better than I can, as 1 more person spoken to in Spirit is a work to rejoice over.

I do need rest, but it looks like the Cruz fanatics are going to be starting fires to see what burns, but I do hope for a time for TL and I by a creek to just recover and not have to engage in this sapper work, because everyone wants to win, but no one wants to sacrifice or do the fighting in the mud and the gore.

The Alternative Right is really opening up a welcome front in this. TL discovered them, and while we are coming from different vantage points, they are very talented and caustic. The real Cyrano which America needs to elect Donald Trump, as their thoughtfulness and cutting humor is a rapier which is highly attractive to the masses.
So that helps a great deal of the work here in having another front to scrimmage and TL and I both laugh at their favorite activity of exposing Matt Walsh as a fool.
You can not reproduce talent, and like this blog, talent is what wins out over the regime staged propaganda.

TL though enjoys your notes and I enjoy watching TL read them with delight, as I am usually at 9 o'clock at night typing something up for the next day, facing TL in a recliner, rubbing TL's feet between sentences and listening to TL running commentary about some delightful meme.

I thank God for the way God works through TL to make a difference in our children's lives.