Saturday, May 7, 2016

Donald Trump All That Glitters is Gold in the Man's Sack

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Look you children are going to have to stop being such morons, acting like scared cats, thinking every slammed cupboard door is the pound patrol coming to get you.

The issue is President elect Donald Trump hiring an astute money manager, with his own financial house to manage campaign contributions, which it will  require in 2016 to defeat Hillary Clinton, the GOPliters now led by Paul Ryan and the media to take America back.
You should be bright enough to stop and look at this from why Donald Trump is engaged in this process of keeping his word to being self funding in the GOP primary phase, and why he is keeping his word in expanding his campaign finance structure to take on Hillary Clinton and Paul Ryan GOPliter insiders.

Donald Trump does know what he is doing. He has a brilliant campaign manager in Corey Lewandowski, and his children are all genius level executives, being taught by Mr. Trump, their mother, and by Fred Trump, the patriarch of this group.

None of you have bothered to investigate Mr. Trump's campaign finance manager. I have. All you have done is read the Mockingbird cut and paste smear of "Goldman Sachs" and "George Soros".

Let me tell you something about Steve Mnuchin.

Mr. Mnuchin is manager of his own hedge fund at Dune, and various other interests. He is successful. He is old New York society.

Now for you to get this, there is a difference between being WAS Goldman Sachs in Steve Mnuchin and Heidi Cruz IS Goldman Sachs.

Each of you has drank a Coke. Coke is a CIA front to gain access  to nations around the world. Does that make you a CIA connected traitor to America? Of course it does not, no more than some dim bulb in your family votes democrat or still thinks Bush fam was clean as the driven snow.

If you bother to look at Steve Mnuchin's campaign donations, you see a growth of intellect. He began by giving to the Soros type groups, because that is the group he had to deal with in appearing "part of the establishment", and probably because he was raised liberal, so he thought that was right like many Bernie Sanders voters.

As Mr. Mnuchin though began to expand his business experience, you see a Donald Trump transformation, because he starts donating not to just democrats, but he starts donating to both sides of the aisle, except for the Bush family, who he wants nothing to do with like Mr. Trump. He donates to Romney and donates to Obama, but you will notice that he starts donating to "can do" people like Mayor Rudy Guilliani, and none of you can really say Mr. Guilliani is not a Conservative, right wing, law enforcement and pro American advocate, so Mr. Mnuchin reveals he is like Donald Trump, in having to deal with liberals, but growing toward Conservatism.

Wall Street which owns Paul Ryan and image Obama, is a group Mr. Trump is going to make pay taxes and answer for their influence pedaling. This is Steven Mnuchin, and yet here is, signing onto the Trump campaign, which will mean he has to pay higher taxes and be under greater scrutiny.
That is how much Steve Mnuchin believes in Donald Trump and America, because this very wealthy money manager, is seeking the same dream for you now, because the richer you become, means he will then be able to invest more of your savings to earn you money, and everyone makes money then.
That is the way America used to do business. It used to be the way Goldman did business before Obama money dumps. It is why Steven Mnuchin after perfecting his talents, left Goldman as he was not going to be part of the shark tank dumping horrid investments on investors and having them lose money.

Yes the reality is a far different fact from the fiction of the cut and paste Trump hires Goldman connection, but if you have a little sense and stop being herded like sheep, you can figure this out, if you just start looking at what the man has done and what he is doing now.

Ronald Reagan was a dripping democrat, until he figured it out. There are numbers including Bill Krystol's old man who were commies, until they figured things out. It is what people are doing now though that matters and Krystol is GOPliter with Clinton, and Trump and Mnuchin are an American First agenda out of 1600 Penn Avenue.

Steve Mnuchin is New York and Hollywood, with banking and investment in between. He ties into all of that money sitting out there, which would be going to Hillary and Bernie if Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush was in the race to elect Hillary Clinton.
That money has to be dried up and the way you dry it up, is to have them donate it to Donald Trump. It does not mean that Donald Trump is being bought by anyone. It means Donald Trump is a savvy General like George Patton, and is drying up the enemy supply line.
Take the money from Hillary, counter her spending, and all that is left is crook Clinton and commie Bernie without all the propaganda from the MSM and cockerboy Limbaugh with Levin being political assassins against the Trump campaign.

I probably should not have told you this political strategy, but you have got to stop jumping when the cartel triggers you and go into a panic over in someone having once worked at Goldman Sachs. All of you if you have an IRA, retirement plans, have someone managing your money just like Steve Mnuchin. That does not make you evil. That makes you intelligent if you are not doing business with money houses that are donating to your genocide in Clinton and Cruz.

You children have to understand, even more than the brats under the curse, that God is trying to save you. Donald Trump is trying to save America. I am trying to save you from yourselves. You have got to stop jumping back into the wolf's jaws every time we pull you out.

Just stop typing. Go out in your yard, take a few breaths, look at the song birds, have some tea, chill for a few hours, and then wait around for Lame Cherry to explain things to you in God's Grace.

In the meantime, find your Trump for President office in your state, and ask what you can do to help, and then find something to do.