Saturday, May 7, 2016

God's Pennies and Lincolns

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For the record, all of my wardrobe for doing chores is dead men's clothes. Is an odd luxury people have in, people die, not even in their clothes, and they dump them into thrift stores by the pickup load.
I overheard a few of the gals there saying this past week, that they were getting in 2 pickup loads of clothes from some woman.
Clothing used to be something people wanted, in parting Jesus' garments, and now people just throw them all away.

So I usually dig around in the rag bag. The rag bag is not a Jew thing, but a box with pants in it. I think for a time some enterprising soul was ripping tags off and putting them in the bag, and then coming back later to pick them up, as when I needed jeans, there were some pretty good jeans in there.......and no I do not think that is some good-natured clerk doing it either, as this is for patching clothes.

So I was rooting around in there the other day and found this carpenter pant again, as I kind of like them for work, and TL comes over and finds a pair of Wranglers and says try them. I like Wranglers, if I was rich I would only wear them, as they are cut trim, unlike Lee jeans which are just stout looking, and my Levi days are over in their being fag.

So I brought them home, and washing them, put them out to dry, and then hung them up, and I was too busy until now to check them.  I put on the Osh Kosh or whatever those big butt pants are, and they fit ok, not that I have a big ass, but they fit in length and things.
So I put on the Wranglers, and shoved my hands into the pockets and found paper. I thought by instinct, "Great some kleenex or some kind of note card" as I always get that, and then I pulled out a Lincoln 5 dollar bill.

Kind of surprised me, as I have this fantasy of finding money in clothes, but it never comes true.

It was genuine and not some play money.......had been washed and is as good as gold they say.

I am quite happy and wanted to thank God in public for that good fortune, and He had me find a penny the other day too.

It brought to mind what happened the other day in that Leland being a rude, in returning his dollar ride, and how God made it up in the junk store jeans. So for those who have donated, you have now joined God in His pennies and Lincolns........which sounds like a good name for this post glorifying God on His Sabbath......and now you know when the post was named and I typed it in after this.

I have had to wait my whole life to find money in old clothes. That is not as long as it seems, as my life is not over, but all the same, I now have the 5 up on the wall in the bedroom in the horse picture of me herding cattle a long while ago out west. I will leave it up to God to tell me what to do with it......if He wants it back, it goes back, and if He says 'what not eh' I will put it to something the Holy Ghost moves me to, so I can be reminded of the memory of God looking out for me and TL handing me those jeans.