Monday, May 23, 2016

Donald Trump: American Pharaoh


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

There is the matter which was seized upon by trolls from the Cruz Cult to install criminal Hillary Clinton, in a liberal media interview, by Rep. Chris Collins of New York, who is not the official Trump Campaign spokesman, who stated the Trump Wall would be virtual as the deportations of invaders would be virtual.

All of this requires explanation, because Donald Trump understands, "Read my Lips" which destroyed HW Bush who thought a man's word meant nothing. Donald Trump understands in General Douglas MacArthur in "I shall return", in MacArthur bucking President Franklin Roosevelt who was like HW in saying words did not matter, because with General MacArthur his promise to the Filipino people and American people mattered, because it is your word which stands long after monuments.

When Donald Trump built the Trump Tower, in the preeminent location in the world, it was his landmark. It was the greatest accomplishment of a New York son in New York, building the Gotham City to the greatness she was.

That is why the word of Donald Trump is literal. Donald Trump understands the meaning of his word and this wall. 

There are not going to be any Trump carvings on Mount Rushmore, as there is not room on that mountain. Donald Trump understands this, and understand this: Donald Trump is bigger than some presidential library.

Donald Trump is a man for the ages. He understands landmarks. Donald Trump is going to create the 8th wonder of the world. Larger than the Mayan, Inca and Aztec cities hidden in jungles. He is going to equal the pyramids.
Donald Trump will create a 1000 year wall, a Great Wall of China, the Trump Wall of America.

Donald Trump is the 21st century American Pharaoh. This Trump Wall is not the fixed fortification to modern human stupidity, as this Wall is a fortification, this wall is Teddy Roosevelt Panama Canal, President Hoover's Hoover Dam, John F. Kennedy's moon shot.

This is the monument to Donald Trump, eternal America, Security, Prosperity, Yankee Exceptionalism.

For the ignorant and the Cruz Cultist who can not comprehend the above, they will never have any idea who Donald Trump is. Donald Trump builds monuments to his exceptionalism first as a New York son, then as an international businessman, and as leader of the world as President of these United States, Donald Trump will build the Trump Wall and a host of other monuments to join Washington and Lincoln as the American Pharaoh.