Monday, May 23, 2016

The Damning Evidence of LaVoy Finicum's Hat

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry is the pioneer of the science of Forensic Psychology, and in being this expert among the always experts, we return to an event that the FBI with their drones over the dead body of LaVoy Finicum like vultures, as the coyotes prowled around the kill, reveals something obviously damning about humans.

I open this by asking you, "Why would a law enforcement officer take the cowboy hat off of LaVoy Finicum and throw it away?"

Ask yourself, if this was you, why would you take the hat off of someone and throw it away? Would that be an act of ..........what would you be feeling emotionally?
Most people are in awe of the dead, in being respectful, in keeping a distance, and yet we find in the drone footage of LaVoy Finicum's dead body, a reality of three events recorded.

The first event is a lone law enforcement officer somewhat kneeling over the body, in what was termed, "medical assistance" as a conscience soothing propaganda for the police state, as they knew they left that old man suffer and die alone on the snow as a "punishment" for all the frustrations these Patriots caused them.

The second event was a lone law enforcement officer, approaches the body, and takes LaVoy Finicum's hat off of his head and throws it away.
Again, a sign of utter disrespect and an obliteration of the normal human taboo of not touching the dead, what would cause this and what emotion was present?

Third, we have the gathering of 6 law enforcement officers around the body, just standing there, looking.

Human groups when they are traumatized or engage in acts which are shockingly wrong, react like children, and by natural protection, return to their groupings for emotional security. The drone footage reveals exactly that, in the FBI having shot at LaVoy Finicum in setting up this murderous ambush, and discovering "something" which would cause another law enforcement officer to desecrate the dead in removing a hat and throwing it away, soon were huddled at the scene of their crime, discussing what they did, and then moving off as an FBI sniper, picked up his casings from shooting at Mr. Finicum.

The Oregon State Police, or whoever this group was of six individuals, were like-gathered in their group, but for a different purpose as they were the group who believed they had shot LaVoy Finicum.
Yet the forensic psychology of the FBI gathering and the Oregon State Police gathering, both in logic is from a same source, and it is the event which triggered the ripping of LaVoy Finicum's hat off his corpse and throwing it away.

A hat is the identity of a person, their soul, their expression of who they are. That cowboy hat signified something as much as leftist urbanites always calling people like the "Reagan cowboys" in meaning they can not be controlled. It is why Brokeback Mountain propaganda sodomized cowboys, as that image in America is a statement of not submitting to dictatorial authority which legalizes sin.

So the law enforcement who ripped Mr. Finicum's hat from his corpse and threw it away, was feeling powerless in something that corpse was going to tell the world. Something had been taken away from Oregon State Police and the FBI by this corpse, and this law enforcement in an act of rage, generated by frustration, took the symbol of what had just defeated this law enforcement construct of ideals, and in fury, threw the hat away, in trying to vanquish that defeat, by removing it.

LaVoy Finicum's hat was a powerful icon, a symbol, but what significance could that hat have that was so powerful that it would cause the FBI to huddle and break the law, and Oregon State Police to hover over the body of LaVoy Finicum, discussing that secret?

Something there, caused law enforcement to break down, and violate the law, to hide something, because the cover up, was a desperate act of a lesser crime, to cover a mysterious greater crime.

Return now to the scenario in this, in law enforcement kneeled over the body in a show attempt at medical assistance. It was at that point that something was discovered in contact with the body of LaVoy Finicum, which generated the fury and frustration of the officer or soldier ripping the hat from the body and throwing it away.

There is a protocol, an absolute training mandate, that law enforcement immediately upon putting a suspect down, is supposed to SECURE THE WEAPON. There never was any attempt to secure any weapon from LaVoy Finicum, or any commands for him to throw away a weapon.

I return to the Reverse Speech of LaVoy Finicum in which he informed Oregon State Police, that "I HAVE NO WEAPON" when he was telling them to shoot him between the eyes at the first traffic ambush. That logically in this scenario is what is the basis of the FBI huddle and the Oregon State Police huddle.

The body had been knelt over, and a weapon was not discovered. Gregory Bretzing had been conditioning law enforcement that these Patriots were all murderous maniacs, loaded with guns, so it was an easy step for thuggish law enforcement to convince themselves by opening up on these Patriots that it was justifiable as they were ALL ARMED.

The problem is LaVoy Finicum left all of his weapons at the Refuge, so he would not become a target, but the police state was not aware of this reality, so they opened up on Mr. Finicum, as they thought they had carte blanche like the hoods in Clint Eastwood's Grand Torino movie.

Law enforcement confidentially punished LaVoy Finicum in torturing him, in letting him bleed out and die, because they knew he had a gun on his hip, but upon examination, there was not any weapon. That was reported to the FBI, Oregon State Police and Delta Force. That then triggered the law enforcement officer to rip the hat off the body of LaVoy Finicum, in fury, because the fail safe of "I was protecting myself" as an excuse to execute LaVoy Finicum and abuse the others, was gone.

Suddenly, you had over a dozen law enforcement, in the biggest murder since Waco, all recorded, faced with a reality, that this would never be ruled justifiable shooting, as LaVoy Fincum had no weapon.

Panic set in. The heroes now murderers went into their groups. The FBI huddled up in the dark picking up spent cases to not face murder charges, and the Oregon State Police huddled up over the body, consoling themselves, deriding "that stupid LaVoy Finicum" in it being his fault and not their fault, and consoling each other with, "We didn't know"......

....and then came the revelation which the FBI immediately figured out, in shooting unarmed people ruins your career as it make things messy in Washington DC, and they began the cover up.

We do not know if the FBI was the first to mention about planting a weapon, or if it was Oregon State Police, as this is far too standard in law enforcement in America, but in forensic psychology, we do know that the first discussion of this was about law enforcement going to prison over this, and that is what triggered the next illegal actions.

As Mr. Finicum's firearms were all at the Refuge and not in his pick up, it now fits in the two contacts the FBI had in McConnell being released to put propaganda on Facebook about it being Finicum's fault, and Santilli phoning the refuge warning the people they were all going to be dead like Finicum, that a panic evacuation took place.
The net result is certain, in there were more than McConnell and Santilli working for the FBI in that group, and minders were there to assist in the flight, which DailyKos mocked, as that part of the story with photos appeared by Mockingbird magic, and it is absolutely certain that one of the minders was phoned, and ordered to locate that Ruger 9 mm which was LaVoy Finicum's and to spirit it out of the Refuge in the flight, and to deliver it to law enforcement waiting outside.

Logically, there had to be contact, and it was a smart phone, and somewhere in a communications link, there is a text or a call recorded of this robbery and cover up.

That is what the cause and effect, and connecting human thought in actions of self preservation point to. That firearm was stolen from the property of LaVoy Finicum at the refuge, and was handed over to law enforcement, where it was subsequently placed into the jacket pocket of LaVoy Finicum for Deschutes County Investigators to find, locate, photograph and exonerate the murderers.

It concludes that in possibilities, it was an FBI mole who secured the Finicum 9 mm pistol from the Refuge, as Oregon State Police did not have abundant resources for such a surveillance. Therefore in the cover up, this points to an FBI arranged weapon plant, and Oregon State Police collusion, and in cause and effect, points to why Oregon State Police has been accepting the blame by Gregory Bretzing, and could point to why if Delta Force did the actual murder, why all are keeping silent, as the employing of the US military was illegal and would bring more felony charges.
It could point to also why the frenzy from Justice in arresting everyone named Bundy, as this would be a diversion to keep attention away from the planting of the gun in Mr. Finicum's jacket and hiding all the groups who were at the murder site.

As Deschutes County Investigators have been the group in this not on location for the murder, but have been finding evidences which caused the first FBI investigation by Justice Department, it is concluded they were not in on the cover up, but set up with evidences. While all of their findings do not match the video evidence, the forensic psychology of known actions, creates an internal affairs investigative path of absolute conclusions.

One does not need to see a rock fall when it is dropped, to know it struck the earth, when one knows human psychology, protecting itself, takes logical steps to create cover ups.

That is the story of LaVoy Finicum's hat. If they would have just left that hat alone, it would not be evidence of the fury and frustration in this police state group, which coupled with the Reverse Speech of LaVoy Finicum in having no weapon, a construct is thereby generated of logical actions based on self preservation of the guilty, in this case the FBI and Oregon State Police.

To be done in by a cowboy hat, how remarkably John Wayne reckoning that is.

With that, it is Nuff Said.