Thursday, May 12, 2016

Donald Trump and His Taxes

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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Now my children, here is the exclusive on Donald Trump's taxes. This is the Art of the Deal. When you are in an operation, you give those who are trying to assassinate you politically, something to fixate on, like the racists of National Review, and the Cruz MOGS who are now calling for delegates to abstain from voting for Donald Trump on the first ballot, VIOLATING THE LAW, if Mr. Trump does not release his taxes.

I desire every one of you to remember a story you probably passed over here called El Dorado, about a gringo who had all the gold and a Mexican bandit tried to steal all of that gringo's gold, but the gringo outsmarted the bandit.
I was telling you something, which I will explain sometime, but I will be more concise this time, in Donald Trump is legitimately on lawyer's advice not releasing his taxes until the audit is done, but he also knows that in the Art of the Deal, he can offer up what appears to be red meat to the MOG's in the tax issue for them to chew on. They will expend their energy, resources, be exposed as maniacal fools, and all of it just bonafides Donald Trump with an even greater bond with Americans, who are persecuted too.

John Fund and the racists of National Review with their espousing the epitaph "trumpkins" from September 2015 are being exposed for what they are, oligarch liberals, for the propaganda posted neglects the ticking time bomb of Barack Obama which Chris Buckley vouched for is but a series of Hillary Clinton patricians who are the real history of disasters which Mr. Fund ignorantly or deliberately in propaganda does not note in his well paid for attacks on the next President of America, Donald Trump.
Mr. Trump's tax returns will be revealed for what they are, in providing the Cruz cult something for the rabid animals they are to chew on to keep them from biting the innocent or gnawing off their own limbs.

I am telling you children to remain calm and just keeping one foot ahead of the other for the journey of President Trump in November. Donald Trump knows what he is doing. He has played these always experts for fools from the start.
I am going to tell you something that while Ted Cruz and his billionaires were looking to sucker Americans with a fraud outsider, Donald Trump was engaged with every single fringe media years ago from Gordon Duff to Alex Jones. Mr. Trump knows every conspiracy, and he knows the fringe, and he knows the shadowlands who are destroying all of us, and trying to destroy him.
Donald Trump has the plan for victory and it is working, and this Cruz cult is busy chasing it's tail as it has been from the start.

Donald Trump has nothing to hide, and that includes his taxes. He simply hung them on the fence and rabid Ted has been snarling at them with jaws locked on for months, while Donald Trump walked right by and has been getting measured for his Presidential suits as he enjoys the show.

If you remember one thing in this, remember that Mr. Trump is a master of this and he is enjoying this immensely, because this is thee best counter intelligence operation against the globalists in world history. They have absolutely no clue as they are reacting to Donald Trump, and that is exactly what Mr. Trump desires.

The curtain now falls again after this brief glimpse. I promise you that Donald Trump is thee most brilliant mind on multiple levels that you are ever going to witness and you are never going to discover it. Ted Cruz is a flat window pane and Donald Trump is a sparkling chandelier in the difference of what is going on their brains.

I only reveal this, because it will not matter as the Cruz cult is so in the groove, it is impossible with even their knowing for them to get out of the slot.

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