Thursday, May 12, 2016

Ted Cruz is a Cancer which will not go Away

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I really believe that there needs to be a Justice Department intervention based upon the Mann Act, which forbids dirty old men taking women across state lines for lewd acts, filed against Ted Cruz, as Ted Cruz has exhibited thee most abusive assault on his supporters, in first he threaten them with burning at the stake, hell fires, and then he lynches black men, and then he abandons them in being out of the race, then teases them about getting back in the race, to which they dump him, and now Ted Cruz is back after plotting with Heidi the Unlovely, to chain the delegates to Cruz at the convention in this new form of Cruz bondage and slavery.

“I write this letter to inform you that although I have suspended my campaign for the Republican Party nomination for President of the United States, I do not release any Republican National Convention delegates bound to me as a result of the 2016 delegate selection process that took place in your state,”

There really needs to be a Ted Cruz is.............

and people can just fill in the blank.

Ted Cruz is.........the stench of dog shit which you can not wash off.

Ted Cruz is.......a mosquito in the dark who keeps trying to suck your blood.

Ted Cruz is.........a troll who keeps emailing you.

Ted Cruz is........a cancer which will not go away.

Seriously,  Ted Cruz does not even belong at the Republican Convention, after all of his crimes and vitriol. He is a reminder of all that America cringes from, in foreigners, religious zealots and crooked politicians. That is what 2016 is all about, in Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, in America does not want Uncle Ted or Aunt Hillary, fondling us at playtime, and telling us we are odd for not wanting to be molested any more.

I contacted the Texas elections office to inquire as to what the protocols are for Texas to void Ted Cruz in being a Canadian born invader of America, who was never naturalized. From the response, the Texas Government knows Ted Cruz is a nightmare, and they are hoping that time just vanishes him.


Thanks for your email and interest. Unfortunately, our agency doesn't have any comment to make on this subject. Questions of eligibility are initially with the entity in which the candidate files and then could become a matter for the courts.      

So the Republic of Texas officially is passing the buck to the "entity" where Cruz files, which is the Secretary of State, but in this case the Secretary of State of Texas has no comment on this, but states that it must be turned over to the courts..........which as we have seen, the courts in on this fraud, throw out all of the cases on "standing", as no one in the world has standing.

 As even those Young Cons are making excuses for Cruz crimes and lying that Donald Trump is running the system too, which Mr. Trump never has, it is time to state plainly that Ted Cruz is in this to elect Hillary Clinton, which is exactly what the Lame Cherry exposed in another matter anti matter exclusive.

Ted Cruz is out to weaken Donald Trump, or hopes yet that Matt Walsh can trigger some Cruz assassin to take out Mr.  Trump, so Ted can steal the nomination or run against Hillary in be beaten vanquished again.

America has no more time after Obama and Ryan, in this Jeb Bush "we need to be more like Obama" politics. For Ted Cruz, a foreigner, to be this murderous against America, is a High Crime, and he belongs indicted in court with all of his propagandists, and when found guilty to be at the end of a rope in a host of public executions to save these United States of America.

Crimes are crimes, and when those crimes destroy the United States, so that these invading Muslims and Jesuits who will revolt in civil war, and bring about Muslim nuclear terror, the Chicoms invading Alaska and World War IV, we are literally discussing the death of America, the deaths of hundreds of millions of Americans, and a world where if America can arise, will be an America where toilet paper will be luxury as much as dentistry, as the entire world is going to be shattered where it will take another 200 years to get back to the level of civilization it is now.

That is Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz the destroyer and that is a premeditated crime against humanity, along with the other jack boots stomping on their keyboards inciting the destruction of America and the world.

The world I am looking at is making the 1 in 4 Americans who are threatening to leave America with Donald Trump elected, and removing the 100 million illegals and green card trolls who invaded America. Take that refuse out of America, and for the remaining Americans of 200 million, there are plenty of resources, plenty of land, plenty of homes  and plenty of room for Americans.

Ted Cruz needs to be legally made to go away, as he is not a politician any more. He is now a leader of a cult for the death of America. There are no more excuses for Cruz or his paid traitors. America is in danger and exactly as Andrew Johnson drove out the terrorist Indians from the east and Franklin Roosevelt put Japanese into camps, this is the measure which is going to be required, for Ted Cruz is a Typhoid Mary, a carrier of Nero burning Rome, and he means with his oligarchs and paid MOG's to burn down America, and that is criminal.