Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Donald Trump the Anticipated Nominee

... Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally in Eugene, Oregon, U.S. on May

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Congratulation to Donald John Trump in his victory in Oregon in rising to the Anticipated Nominee of Republican Party and the now presumed next President of these shattered States of America.

Trump wins Oregon Republican primary

WASHINGTON — Donald Trump has won the Republican presidential primary in Oregon, adding another state to the presumptive nominee's tally of victori…

What I am informing you my children, is to ask yourselves three questions:

1. How did this now become the Trump victory as it should have been from Iowa?
2. Why did it become the Trump victory as it should have been from Iowa?
3. Who brought about the Trump victory as it should have been from Iowa?

Trump will almost certainly win all 28 of the state's delegates, which means he'll need just 75 more delegates to reach the threshold of 1,237.
The businessman entered Tuesday with 1,134 delegates, according to the Associated Press.

It should be obvious that something has now changed in someone flexed their will and this is now a settled issue. I informed you this was about Ted Cruz crimes,and if you have paid attention, you will notice that the inner circle was not informed, the Cruz voters were clueless, Paul Ryan was clueless.
The inner working of continuity imparted to those in control of what is really taking place, agreed to this from the top down.

We now anticipate Donald Trump who is the Republican Nominee, and we now presume that November will bring President Donald Trump. That is the reality.
The cuckservatives are finished. The Democratic party is spent after the Obama regime. It is divided between Sanders and Clinton, and the vote is down, and that is why Mr. Sanders is a problem.

I have not inquired on the Hillary Clinton running mates, but it can not be Bernie Sanders as he is too old on this waiting at the morgue ticket. The Democratic party is now split and Hillary Clinton can NOT win with change of life spinsters whose only accomplishments in life are aborticide notches on their vulvas and drugging young women to lesbian rape them.

That projects a Donald Trump landslide, as Americans are ready to end the fraud of 44 Obama 3rd world and get back to being American again.