Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Michelle Obama: Once a Woman

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Right Wing News decided to hack into Alex Jones, over Jones saying Michelle Obama is a man, and she had Joan Rivers murdered for outing Michelle as a transexual.

To this the woman over there who thinks with her cup size,  Casy Fiano,  to attack Jones over, while once again going racist in attacking the supporters of Donald Trump.

His looniness really makes you question how millions of people could possibly follow him, but then, Donald Trump is the presumptive GOP nominee, so clearly craziness is attractive to lots of people. The question is, does Jones actually believe this garbage, or is he just after the money?

For most of you, this has been a story about what Muchelle is for some time. The fringe media group, has been literally convinced now that Michelle is a man. I am going to give you a history of Muchelle, and by photo evidence, she did not begin life as a shemale, but was sort of a cute little girl before she hit puberty.

She was though an ugly baby. Reminds one of the term pickaninny which Bugs Bunny cartoons used to feature.


Then things picked up in the looks department when she got her first full set of teeth and began working on the second.


See not a bad looking little girl.


Then things started to fall off big time once the wisdom teeth started cutting the gum line. But all Negroid females have that going on, as they  got that testosterone in their veins and it makes them great athletes.


Somewhere though when them wisdom teeth set in, is when Barack Hussein Obama Chin appeared, and then we are talking about a female who really had that man gene kicking in.........and what do you expect with a faggot like Barack around dick sucking with homosexual males from Frank Marshall Davis to Donald Young.


That is the thing in this, a woman is naturally going to have her male hormones kick in when she has to protect the hut as the fag hides under the mat pad.

Now I inquired of this long ago, and I do not believe that Michelle Robinson could have kids, so they contracted surrogates for the job. It is why the daughters look like nothing off the family tree.


As far as murdering Joan Rivers. I have not inquired. I do know that someone did murder Donald Young in December of 2007, and Mr. Young was Barack Obama's homosexual sex partner.
Mr. Young before his murder, contacted Lawrence Sinclair and told him that Michelle was a real "bitch" and was wondering about Mr. Sinclair's sexual contact with Barack Obama, as in competition and protecting his bi sexual Barack.

We know that Michelle was going to divorce Barack, as he was never home, always fagging around, and that is in the appearance of these two adopted daughters. We know that Obama is bi sexual, and that Michelle Obama is operating as bi sexual now also.
Birther Hussein was into boys, and we know for certain that the Obama's are fixated on sodomy, progressing the gay agenda, the transsexual agenda, and now child rape is being spoken of as a right from all of this, as the Lame Cherry predicted years ago.

I know that buzz sells things, and buzz of Michelle sells as much as murder. I know Donald Young was murdered over his connections with Barack Obama. I know that the Obama background is a fraud from his foreign student status, to the Harrison J. Bounel identity which Obama hid behind.

Benghazi is just a point in a series of lying and murder the Obama's are engaged in as they genocide Americans with Jesuit and Muslim imports.

Michelle Obama was once a woman. What she is now is a guess. Barack Obama was never a man, but a faggot his entire existence, who latched onto a connected black daughter of Chicago for political gain.
The evidence as has been posted here, reveals that Barack Hussein Obama disappeared on June 13th, 2013 AD in the year of our Lord, and did not reappear until hours later at a gay function.
After that, his agenda collapsed, his posture, his handshakes, his face all changed, as in inquiry it pointed to the Birther was poisoned and perished on that day, and a shapeshifter took his place, and there have been numerous body doubles created to keep up the ruse.

Joan Rivers was right whether she was murdered or not for it. That changes nothing, and is part of how the Mockingbird  creates these conspiracy stories..........because Alex Jones was pushed upon Matt Drudge, and now after a balmy silence by Jones, he has reappeared with greater stories, and of course the GOPliters are now trying to link this all to Donald Trump to smear the next President.

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Michelle Obama

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Muchelle Obama likes kissing females.

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