Sunday, May 8, 2016

Donald Trump the Emancipator of Blacks from Obama Genetic Genocide

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Leave it to the image of blackness, the non American experience, making Hawaiian noises, image of Birther Hussein Obama to lecture the surviving black children in America from his regimes murder, jail and riot spree to be "confident" in their blackness.

OBAMA: Profound Changes Lie Ahead...
'My election did not create post-racial society'...
'Be Confident in Your Blackness'...

I am not an advocate of Martin King, because  he was a weak male who beat on women he was cheating with and  used children to get chewed on by dogs for political leverage, in effect a black Bill Clinton, but at least Martin King inspired the people who did inspire us as Nichelle Nichols of Star Trek. That woman did more and still does more for her heritage of being an American than Obama could do in a thousand lifetimes.

Barack Obama nor his image are black. He is not Negroid. He is a Chinoid, an Asian blackness, which invaded America and took advantage of foreign student loans to gain a place ahead of American black children. That is Obama's realty, so image Obama has absolutely no authority nor place to lecture to black children who he has Rahm Emanuel hosing down with police guns in Chicago non stop, in telling them how to be an American black, or any kind of black.

I do not know why any black would be confident in being a Negroid. Most of them were coastal dwellers, who were too stupid not to run away when other blacks, who were Arab crosses, hunted them down and sold them to Arabs, then Portuguese and then English, slave traders.

Theodore Roosevelt wrote of the blacks in Africa in 1910 in African Game Trails, in they were so shiftless they had to be beat with sticks at night to make a shelter and a fire, or they would sit there cold and shivering. Once warm they would smile and be happy like a pet monkey out of the rain, but they were not advanced in civilization or society. That is why they were colonized in order to bring them past being trained primates to exploit.
In America, their condition was better in at least having some education, some Christian religion and some society, but that was all destroyed by the cartel in the 1960's for the welfare culture which has made them a prey for intelligence assets like Obama.

Lincoln emancipated blacks. Obama enslaved them. The only hope the black race has in America is for Donald Trump to be President, shut off the Mexicans and Muslims who are going to replace blacks, and provide an environment where blacks will respond to work and advance themselves in America as Martin King advocated, and the icon of Nichelle Nichols has presented to America all of her life.

image Obama is so proud to announce that blacks are no longer entertainers, but producers. What a wonder that is when what they produce is garbage no one wants to watch or is Prince dying of dick up the ass aids in Minnesota, as another prime example of the genocide of the Afroid race in America.

Under Obama blacks have regressed. They have become the bush dwellers. They huddle under their affirmative action and welfare bushes, and unless made to stand on their hind legs, the majority of Afroids in America and the West are always going to take the easy route of diplomas handed to them and jobs  provided for them, over people who will produce as in the White, the Asian and the Mexican.

I warned everyone that the poster boy Obama was going to be the ruin of the black race in America, and he has been. What is worse is this image Obama has not had one moment for blacks, but now that he is out of office, he and the Mrs. are out acting all black again, in order to use black riot as a cover to intimidate the American governing system again, so the Obama's will not be in prison.

There is nothing after Obama to be confident in being black, except their genocide. Louis Farrakhan has done more in one day for blacks in America than Obama has done in 8 years, and that includes handing out turkeys to blacks in 2008, when he was handing out trillions to Wall Street, Mexicans, Muslims and Europeans.

The only future for the black race in America is Donald J. Trump. Blacks know this as Hillary Clinton is their abortionist practioner and is not a shade of her husband Bill Clinton, when it comes to having any kind of connection with blacks.

Blacks from Ben Carson to Mike Tyson, two men of the poor communities in one used his brain and the other his fists, to rise up have joined to endorse Donald Trump, because they know the real deal when they see it. The only salvation for blacks is not Obama as the overseer in DC while his girls are at white privilege schools, acting black, but the black salvation is Donald Trump, the second great emancipator of the Negroid race in America.

Trump 2016