Sunday, May 8, 2016

Drone Enforcement Petition

Australian police efforts to get more drones pay scant attention to ...

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The situation of these drones must be checked as they are a threat to individuals, aircraft and liberty.

The following should be a blueprint for every State and Territory in America.

The Amendment should read as follows.

Every person or group must obtain an operator's license from the County Sheriff. The license cost will be 1000 dollars, reviewable every 5th year.
Each operator must carry 250,000 dollars in liability insurance.

In governmental use, no drone may be operated by law enforcement within a State without the expressed warrant of a sitting Judge in that jurisdiction.
The drone must gain clearance from the elected County Sheriff and the chief elected officials in Mayors in town to Township Presidents must be notified in writing and in person of the activity taking place in their jurisdiction.
The warrant would never be open ended and only valid for the day it was issued.

For federal drone surveillance, no drone would be allowed to ever cross state lines. No drone could be deployed from one State to another State. No drone could cross a state line in pursuit of a person of interest.

No drone could ever be armed with any lethal means and no drone could ever be utilized in an offensive way.

All drone surveillance is mandated to be shared immediately with the County Sheriff and Judge of the Jurisdiction for review and report to the elected officials of the County.

For a federal drone, a Federal Judge must issue a warrant for the day of operational use, and this warrant must be presented to a State Judge for review and only by permission of the County Sheriff will this federal drone be allowed to be deployed on State sovereign soil.

This should be the Drone Clause for all 50 US States and Territories. There is absolutely no Constitutional provision for law enforcement peeking over your fences or trespassing on your properties to look into your windows. A drone is exactly that intrusion, and they must be regulated under extreme prejudice, and under the checks and balances of Constitutionally elected representatives of the people, and Judicial warrant.

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