Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Donald Trump First Ballot

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Was it just a bad nap, or did it happen today that Ted Cruz on Glenn Beck's program was touting that he was restarting his political campaign, and it all hinged on Cruz winning Nebraska?
You know Nebraska, home to Senator Ben Sasse who has been on his knees before Cruz since Iowa......you know the state that Amanda Carpenter lynched black American Ben Carson in?

Then there was this headline:

AP Trump wins Nebraska's GOP primary

Donald Trump has picked up all 36 delegates available in Nebraska's Republican presidential primary, giving him 89 percent of the delegates need…
WOWT Omaha15 minutes ago

Then there was this headline:

Trump wins West Virginia, Nebraska; some Democrats pledge support

Donald Trump has delivered on a promised blowout win in the heart of Appalachian coal country, even drawing symbolic support from West Virginians…
ABC 13 Houston1 hour ago

I guess that it must have been a bad nap, in Ted Cruz risen from the tomb...........and apparently St. Peter and Mary Magdalene shoved him back in as Mother Mary rolled the stone back, as Ted Cruz is dead politically, even though he and his wife are fanatically insane, and looking toward 2020, based upon their criminal collusion in trying to destroy the Republican party in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord.

So in review, tonight Donald Trump obliterated Ted and Heidi's wet dreams. Then Bernie Sanders won, but  Hillary Clinton stole more states from old Bernie in her march to election theft.

Senator Ben Sasse had a very bad night......well a very bad year from pedophile capital Obama, I mean Omaha, Nebraska in he started out going down before Ted Cruz, the face of dog, and now ends his political aspirations to exile in the US Senate as President Donald Trump will sign the mandate for that.

Actually the US Senate had a bad night too, as Ted Cruz arrives in the Senate soon, to terrorize all the old white folks in it, for Cruz 2020.........I just do not think that Mormon from Utah or Ben Sasse really want to be known as FOT, Friends of Ted, as this is really going bad.

So it is once again Trump Victory Fireworks, and I guess it is Ted and Heidi huddled around their blackberry, playing Hail to the Chief, as Cruz daughters pretend they are dead Nancy Reagan and dead Margaret Thatcher, saying how great President Ted is.
I really do not know what comes after that at Cruz election night............except noting that Ted Cruz seems to not get voted for by Americans when he is in he race or when he is out of the race. Sort of an odd thing, as most people get more votes when they are in the race.

Donald Trump now has 1119 delegates. He needs 1237. That is 108 delegates. The way Mr. Trump is now being accepted by the voters in America, he will sweep the 72 delegates in Oregon and Washington with 1191 delegates, and enter the last primary sweeps of California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico and South Dakota, needing only 36 delegates and instead come away with almost 300 delegates in a massive sweep.
Donald Trump is going to come close to 1500 delegates, even with all the intrigue, machinations and Cruz GOPliter crimes.

Donald Trump will win on first ballot in Cleveland. This is going to be the Trump Convention, with the vision Americans have in America first. The shame of Ted Cruz belongs nowhere near this convention. He has been a disgrace and a complete unbalanced traitor as he torments his followers by abandoning them, then teasing them he is getting back in, and working to destroy all their dreams by obliterating the GOP in these elections by sabotaging President elect Donald Trump.

Who belongs at the Trump Convention? Sarah Palin, Chris Christie, Jeff Sessions, Kevin Cramer as a rising star from North Dakota and if possible, Bob Dole of Kansas, as our elder Statesman who stood up for America and endorsed Donald Trump. It would be a nice gesture to open the convention with Senator Dole, and make him honorary Chair as the door hits Paul Ryan and Reince Priebus in the ass on their way out to Ted Cruz traitor oblivion.

This Christian Conservative says, come home to Donald Trump, the remaining wayward Conservatives, and flee these oligarch liberals who are not the legacy of Ronald Reagan.

Congratulations Republicans, you survived your murder by National Review Cruz, and congratulations to Donald Trump, President Elect of these unifying United States of America.
Thank you God in Heaven!!!!!!!

*Note Paul Manafort, you are going to have your delegate herding cut out for you, as so many of the super delegates are going to be voting for Donald Trump, you are going to have to manage it so too many do not put Mr. Trump over the top, before New York State is awarded that traditional honor for her Native Son.

Keep voting my children and my brats, bury the traitors of America who are employing your genocide and let your votes have Donald Trump lead you back to your American Promised Land.

TRUMP 2016 - 2020