Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Cruz Cult

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

When one is faced with insanity, no matter how many times one has dealt with it in forensic and psychiatric sciences, the normal reaction is one taken back, because it is so illogical and there is absolutely no way to reach a mind which is operating in a fiction.

In observing Heidi  Cruz's meeting today with the Cruz faithful, who were abandoned without a word after Cruz was forced out, there were numbers of absolutely troubling things the Cruz mindset, their zealots and their supporters who appear to be waiting around the tomb to watch Ted arise from the dead.

I do not misuse these terms in the least in religious grounds, because Heidi Cruz bases this all in religion and in a bizarre fiction, links the Cruz campaign to slavery, which she states took 25 years to abolish, when in fact the issue of slavery was one from 1776 in all men being created equal.

The Cruz's revealed what they have been doing since Ted fled  the race and abandoned his supporters, and the reality is, they have been having 5 hour meetings daily, plotting for 2020, exactly as the Lame Cherry exclusively reported first
This is the source of these heinous and treacherous trolls who have still spanned out to the internet, and are now pretending to be Donald Trump supporters, threatening people. Literally, Ted and Heidi Cruz are working for the defeat of Donald Trump, and that will include in a Hillary sweep, the defeat of most of the Republican Congressional and Senatorial candidates, along with all of your state officials from the top down.
I am trying to warn you Cruz voters and the majority of you, that Ted Cruz is plotting to destroy the entire GOP top to bottom, to every one of your districts, so he can lead it by his remnant of zealots in a 2020 defeat which will mirror the extermination of the Whig party.

The Cruz's are mad. Hillary Clinton is not just going to give up power in 2020. Republican officials, delegates and voters being so betrayed in this scorched earth, will have nothing to do with this odd couple........and it is a promise that Jeb Bush is going to be waiting in the wings for 2020 again, and this time all of Ted Cruz's crimes will be prosecuted in August of 2020, as that is when Hillary Clinton as President will indict him, and Jeb Bush will step in to replace this unbalanced man.

The worst of this is what  Ted Cruz admitted to in his insanity of having an agenda in the Senate.

At multiple points, Heidi Cruz suggested her husband's political operation would remain robust as he heads back to the Senate, where he is planning what she called an "enormous agenda."
"We are not only keeping this band together, we have been having meetings five hours a day since the time we dropped out," she said. "Every single person in our leadership team in our campaign, Ted and I will probably be working with on a weekly basis in the next four years."

Pardon the reality check here, but Ted Cruz is JUNIOR senator from Texas. In watching the skills of Mike Rounds of South Dakota being a first year Senator, he has passed legislation and is like Marco Rubio, in actually being about the people's business and not their own business.

"He didn’t come here to remain in the Senate. He came here to run for president," John Cornyn of Texas, the No. 2 Republican in the Senate, recently told a Texas radio station.

The Senate is 100 members, who just happen to have a caste order, and Ted Cruz has absolutely no leadership. He did not accomplish one  thing in the Senate. The Senate is still furious over Cruz using that august body as a stepping stone for Cruz ambitions.

Senator Orin Hatch hoped Cruz could be put on leash and be useful after he was humiliated and rejected by the voters, but that is not to be the case. No one including Susan Collins likes Ted Cruz and each one of them have an agenda, and are not about to help Ted Cruz, when Marco Rubio is actually doing something.

"Let’s forget the past. When Cruz comes back, if he’ll make some changes in his approach toward his colleagues, he’s a bright guy, he could be a great asset around here," Hatch said.
"I just hope he’s not bitter about the whole thing," he added.

Susan Collins of Maine, who was sharply critical of Cruz during the shutdown, declined to offer up advice.
"I’ve never known Senator Cruz to ask me for advice, so I’m not about to give him unsolicited advice," she said Monday. "We look forward to seeing him tomorrow."

What Ted and Heidi Cruz are, are not Conservatives. They are not Republicans. They are not political in the least. Cruz is not even American by birth or document. What the Cruz's are, are FANATICS.

Let that word FANATIC come to your understanding, because this couple has absolutely no chance of implementing their manipulations in the next 4 months, 4 years or for the 2 years previous as they did stage theater pretending to be outsiders, so that they could manipulate all of us to overthrow the regime, not for the Republic, but for the Cruz regime.

The fanatical Cruz couple, now has gathered around a small group of zealots who have their own propaganda minders, exactly like Lenin, Trotksy, Molotov and Stalin staged a revolution, they were absolutely ignorant about.
There is nothing 'right wing' about Ted Cruz. Cruz is a fanatic not of religion, but of himself and has formed a cult, where some very manipulated minds, who have been divested of all their self esteem by Facebook programme on MK ULTRA type protocols, now cling like Stepford Wives to Ted and Heidi Cruz for identity and validation.
America literally now has a Cruz cult, equal to the Mormons at their beginning, and like Mormons the Cruz cult is at war with these United States of America, in an exact replica of Nimrod and his wife Semiramis, who became the gods of Nineveh founding an anti God cult which still is deceiving people to this day.

I am not stating that Ted and Heidi Cruz are some great power, but I am stating they are an insane couple, now bent with their paid support to sabotage the 2016 elections against the American majority, and seek in the complete destruction of the Republican party, to rule from those few followers to install this non Conservative, and fringe 7 Mountain America, where it will be this cult ruling like Sharia law, every person, and do not forget that Ted Cruz with Glenn Beck have been notorious in destroying women like Sarah Palin and Phyllis Schlafly who opposed them, and called for burning all Evangelicals at the stake.

This is the Ted Cruz litmus test, and it is built upon the racist propaganda of hating Americans in Rush Limbaugh's "trumpsters" to George Will's "trumpites". The Cruz's are not powerful, but they are dangerous as are their zealots, as they are involved in criminal activity in not just stealing e votes, and lynching black men like Ben Carson, but are involved in installing Hillary Clinton a democratic terror to 1600 Penn Avenue, by political criminal sabotage of President elect Donald Trump.

I will repeat, Ted and Heidi Cruz are now involved in a conspiracy to overthrow the 2016 election process in High Crimes against these United States. This is not some charge or fiction. This is from Heidi Cruz statements.
Ted Cruz is going to destroy the United States Senate, so you will have absolutely no representation and Ted Cruz is going to try to destroy President elect Donald Trump, so you will have no government.

It is time that the People of Texas rise up, and  remove this Cubano Canadian born Ted Cruz, as he is not an American Citizen, and since renouncing his Canadian birthright a few years ago, he is not even Canadian.
You can not be President of these United States as a dual citizen, and you can not be a Senator from Texas when you are a Canadian who is not American.

This is a legal matter and no one should ever take matters into their own hands, but when the President takes an oath to protect America against enemies foreign and domestic, the Cruz Cult has now become an enemy of the American People in moving against the Constitutional Rights of every American in the subversion of this government, by the People, of the People and for the People.

I do not believe Ted Cruz will come to anything, more than Barabbas,  but I certainly am not going to stand by silently as this threat to America builds itself from the Cruz cancer cell to a terminal tumor.

The Blaze is reporting that Cruz, in an interview with talk-show host Glenn Beck, said he could revive his bid for the White House if the right circumstances providing “a path to victory” would develop

This is the Cruz Cult and they are beyond delusional.  Psychosomatic conditions end delusional when they start plotting to have dead cats showing up in people's yards.

America did not want Ted and Heidi Cruz lies in 2016 and they certainly are not going to desire a 5 year older, fatter, uglier couple of lunatics responsible for weakening America and bringing on World War IV.

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