Thursday, May 26, 2016

Donald Trump Parts the Red Sea of the GOP

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Donald Trump was in North Dakota this day in which he clinched the Republican Nomination for President. North Dakota is in an implosion now from Obama's energy war against Vladimir Putin, involving Muslim terror oil, which now has America poised for a two front nuclear war with China and Russia.

The following is the Donald Trump, just awaiting to burst forth, in all the details this President will accomplish for Americans. As the Lame Cherry has pointed out, the basis of everything Donald Trump is about to undertake will require cheap energy, from your electric bills to your car gasoline. Cheap energy is what is necessary to get this American economy moving at the grass roots level, and today President Elect Donald Trump laid out the exact details in North Dakota.

“We will accomplish a complete American energy independence,” Trump said. “We’re going to turn everything around. We are going to make it right.”
He thanked the North Dakota delegates for putting him over the top.
“I will always remember that,” Trump said.

Donald Trump is never going to forget North Dakota, and I firmly believe that the White Paper which Rep. Kevin Cramer, of that state, who is one of the few genuine Republicans left, that this fine expert on American energy is probably going to be head of the Department of Energy.
If Sarah Palin pulls her weight as Interior Secretary, these two are going to get America flowing in the energy production which she should have been, and leave all of the Russian, Chinese and Arab oil access to terror fight over.

Trump vowed to reverse the energy policy of President Barack Obama’s administration, which he said has been devastating to industry and inflicted pain on states such as North Dakota that rely heavily on the energy sector.
“If President Obama wanted to weaken America, he couldn’t have done a better job,” Trump said.
Among the policies he’d push to undo is the Environmental Protection Agency’s emissions rules targeting coal-fired power plants. The U.S. Supreme Court earlier this year voted 5-4 to halt implementation of the rules governing new and existing power plants for now.
“How stupid is that?” Trump said of the emissions rules.
He also slammed the Environment Protection Agency’s Waters of the United State rule, which he said would cause significant damage to American energy production and kill jobs.

For those of you who do not know what has been taking place in America, the Obama regime has been using energy and water regulations to protect their conglomerates and to cripple American companies, and attack American landowners.
Donald Trump gets all of this, and Kevin Cramer is the on the ground source, and this is the correct information and it will not just make American great again, but make America safe again in getting us out of these Bush Clinton Obama wars.

The first 100 days of a potential Trump administration also riled up the crowd: He said he’d rescind executive orders by Obama that he believes are job killers as well as work to eliminate the emissions and water rules.
When considering any federal regulations, Trump said his litmus test would be simple.
“Is this regulation good for the American worker?” Trump said.

There were 7000 people jammed into the Bismark arena and it was deafening. The people of America's Heartland responded completely to the first American right wing President they have had since Ronald Reagan.

“I think from what we see on TV he had a much more detailed presentation. He was really well-informed on the issues,” Whitney Bell, of New Town, said.
Bell said the crowd was fantastic and responded well to Trump's message, which he reiterated was more detailed than mere sound-bites.
Jason Bohrer, president of the Lignite Energy Council, said he was impressed with Trump’s focus on deregulation.
“I heard what I wanted to hear and more. Trump is a different kind of politician; he communicates in a way that a lot of other people don’t,” Bohrer said.
North Dakota Petroleum Council President Ron Ness said he was thrilled by how the speech went as well as the overwhelming reaction from the crowd.

This was America coming to life again, as only Donald Trump can resurrect her. She is willing and the fact is Donald Trump knows the key policy to breathe the Virgin Daughter to life again, and his priority is the very issue which must be addressed in cheap American energy for Americans.

There of course are still these Cruzholm Syndrome hostages, who are like animals in burning buildings, refusing to be rescued. They hear the call of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, but are still so brainwashed by Ted Cruz, that they are too wife beaten to escape.

Rep. Rick Becker, R-Bismarck, said he didn’t hear much of anything new in Trump’s speech but will be taking time to learn more on him prior to attending the national convention.
“He’s emphasizing some really good points,” Becker said.
Becker was a staunch supporter of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz before he ended his campaign.
“I’m still, I say, undecided,” Becker said.

The reality is that Donald Trump will gain the complete victory by God's Grace and these poor hostages will in a few years be ashamed they were so deluded by this lying manipulator Ted Cruz trying to get Hillary Clinton installed, when Donald Trump was parting the Red Sea to lead Americans to the Promised Land.

In not many more days, Kelly Armstrong, chairman of North Dakota's Republican Party will be the overwhelming Trump surge to Cleveland and the White House in January 2017 AD in the year of the Lord.

North Dakota Republican Party chairman Kelly Armstrong said he heard what he needed to hear from Trump on eliminating government regulations, reducing taxes and protecting the energy industry. As chairman, Armstrong is one of North Dakota’s 28 delegates to the national Republican Party convention July 18-21 in Cleveland.
“Tremendously good for the people of North Dakota,” Armstrong said of Trump’s positions.