Thursday, May 26, 2016

The Rose Garden Strategy Of Hillary Clinton

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Rose Garden Strategy was employed in 1980 during the Iranian Hostage Crisis, where Jimmy Carter decided he was not going to face Teddy Kennedy or Ronald Reagan, which ended up with Jimmy chasing Teddy around the DNC stage trying to grab his hand, and Kennedy ignoring Carter, and Reagan with America booting Carter from the Oval Office.

Usually people campaign from the Rose Garden as President, and not as an old lesbian, with facsimile lesbian in image Obama campaigning in Japan for Hillary illegally trying to disrupt the US Presidential elections.

That though is normal, and nothing is normal or moral with Dame Hamrod Clinton, who decided it would be cute to hide from the FBI and then hide from Bernie Sanders.......who then had Jimmy Kimmel ask Donald Trump if Mr. Trump would debate, as Hillary cancelled.
Mr. Trump agreed if it was for charity......and one of Bernie's staff tweeted GAME ON.......because Bernie is in bed by 7 and sometimes gets up at 11 pm if his Depends is leaking.

This is a disaster for Hillary Clinton as Bernie Sanders is 2 points out in California, and now all of this hinges on the fact if Donald Trump crushes Mr. Sanders........looks weak on purpose to inflate Bernie Sanders to have Sanders crush Mrs. Clinton, and thereby tear the guts out of the democratic party.

See the Lame Cherry is telling you that Donald Trump can not lose. Yes the Cruz Cult is going to jump on anything and try and panic people again and steal the nomination which voters gave Donald Trump, but the fact is that Donald Trump if he throws this to Bernie making Bernie look good, will destroy Hillary Clinton.

On the other hand if Mr. Trump decides to trounce Bernie Sanders in a respectful way, Mr. Trump will glean the Sanders voters in even greater numbers in the general election, and Hillary Clinton is checkmated again.

This is what is amazing in this in handicapping this Trump Sanders debate. It will draw record numbers of viewers. People love a good fight Mann zu Mann and how all of this plays out, is Bernie Sanders takes the stage with the Republican Nominee.......meaning Bernie Sanders in California will be viewed as the Democratic Presidential Nominee on equal terms with President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump wins in solidifying his position as President in this debate against Mr. Sanders. He can not lose in any way, shape or form. People are ready for a meeting like this and it will be a reality in this debate, that Donald Trump will cripple Hillary Clinton by just showing up, and by showing up, will endear himself to Sanders voters, who will owe Mr. Trump some good will for helping Bernie Sanders.

The lose loser in this is Hillary Clinton. She is crippled. She is a crook. She is a codger.  She ran from old Bernie Sanders, and now showing yellow is double striped in the two men, men who she has never beaten, starting with Birther Hussein, are going to be duking it out for charity, while Hillary is at home, playing blow up doll with Huma Wiener.

This really is exciting if this comes off. Of course it is going to have to be non pervert Sanders donations to Trannies R US or something, but Donald Trump is going to have to enter the ring with these democrats, and it is better earlier than later.

Bernie Sanders is not a dirty SOB like Ted Cruz. He is a tough old liberal though, and there should not be any dirty trick surprises in this.........both men are there after all for one purpose and that is to defeat Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton is the most crooked and stupid candidate in the 2016 Presidential race, since Rafael Ted Cruz.

- Lame Cherry