Sunday, May 1, 2016

Fag Fight

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The media is all abuzz in fag faction one for Hillary Clinton from Huffington Post had a shemale threatening fag faction two from O'Reilly Factor for Ted Cruz with a cell phone, and fag 2 grabbed fag 1's phone and fag 2 batted at him with his paw like a pussy...........and they both think they were being manly.

You can tell by the above photo how...........fag it all was.

Here is what a picture of a fight should look like. If there are not pools of blood, it is not a is just fag foreplay. If the Clinton and Cruz mic heads want to have pre sodom sex in public, they can just do it in front of the Obama's and that way the Obama's will not have to go to public toilets and set in stalls looking from some tranny to get ass raped by some fag tough.
Cheetos just never taste quite right in a shitter you know.......unless you are into that sort of thing.

 Judge Orders Guards Who Beat Rikers Inmate Robert Hinton Be Fired

So any way, I say let's put fag 1 and fag 2 into a big cage that Sean Hannity likes, give them bats and chains, and tell them no one gets out until there is teeth, piss, shit and blood on the floor, that would take a good Mexican housecleaner two buckets of Spic and Span to clean up.

Ryan Grim really has the ass hots for that Jesse Watters over at FOX. Stop playing cock tease Jesse and give fag Ryan your grim reaper.

Nuff Said