Sunday, May 1, 2016

IUD Advertisements on Right Wing News

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Seriously, I had to blink a few times when this ad popped up on pro Cruz troll, John Hawkins, Right Wing News, and the shock is wearing off, and I am starting to laugh, as I sat there looking at headlines to monitor what lyin' Ted was up to today, and then I see this giant T on the left side of the page, and my mind is registering, IS THIS WHAT I AM SEEING?

You will be pleased to know the ad does tell you the sex device is smaller than Lip Balm.......considering Hawkin's butt lips like Cruz, you are starting to get too much information in why lip balm would come to mind on genitals.

Apparently with Cruz's homo Hannity and Cruz's gay college sex partner, Hawkins is all in for this transgender stuff and is hauling in the cash........with children on that site being exposed to this stuff.

I will remind you non donating trolls who will not stay off this site, that the Lame Cherry does not run sex ads, in fact it is like Donald Trump in no corporate ads are allowed on this site, and you are expected to stop being millionaire misers and pony up.

IUD's on the Cruz Right Wing News site..........something I did not expect today.