Friday, May 27, 2016


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This of course is a work of fiction in a private conversation, which no one has ever glimpsed in a Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger or German Paratrooper Gravity Knife, because they never showed up in American cinema to Rambo or Jack Bauer wow the world.

Back in the day though there might have been the Cherry MOD or Method of Moltke's Maxim of "der Schlag ist die beste Verteidigung", the blow is the best defense.

Picture for yourself a popular girl.........

There would be deployed a gravity knife (gravity as this is who they are deployed with a flick of the wrist as sometimes paratroopers only have one hand to cut cords) one in each hand, with blade and Marlin hook extended.

The Fallschirmjäger were beautiful tools in this guise, as they took the form of brass knuckles for power blows in hand to hand combat. The spike doing service in CPS (cranial penetration strikes) while the blade sharpened to double edge blade found arteries efficiently.

In either stance of strong side or weak side position of right or left hand, the measure of the dance was one where counterstrike was always lethal strike as the enemy would be reacting to that movement and not have a secondary blade to counter with.
The teaching then in Cherry stance would be favoring weakside, so strongside would swiftly perform the coup de grace.

As Jack Bauer on 24 with this OTF enjoyed driving his blade into the larynx to cease vocal alerts of the enemy, while slicing the jugular to drown the opponent in their own blood in a frontal confrontation, numbers of Moltke's Maxims have been presented by cinema, but in numbers of instances one is surprised from behind and a raking disembowelment is necessary while fending off a throat slit as opponents in combat have difficulty carrying out attacks while stumbling on their own intestines.

The flank is a military tactic, but 40 degrees rear should, right or left, is the optimum attack position, which negates combat postures as the target is reaching 40 second parameters of incapacitation due to oxygen depletion from lack of blood delivery to neurological brain functions. 

Of course the reason you have never heard of any of this, is due to the reality in those who came into contact with this did not survive the encounter and the Vulcans never teach their method.