Friday, May 27, 2016

The Ugly Mexican

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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The carpetbagger family of Prescott Bush, are a remarkable non American group, void of understanding Americans. The last of this deflated dynasty in George Prescott Bush, moved from Florida in being a Mexican, because Cuban Americans in Florida hate Mexicans. So Texas became the squatter rights of this carpetbagger.

The arrogance of Bush fam is phenomenal in America having just soundly rejected, the Mexican married Jeb Bush, rejected Cubano Canadian Ted Cruz, rejected Marco Cubano Rubio, is decreeing that it is the victors in the American people who have to justify their choice in voting for Donald Trump, and that it is Donald Trump who has to............."win over" the 12 voting members of Bush fam in order to justify himself to the world.

"He has the ability to win us over if he clarifies many of his remarks and he demonstrates that he has humility and that he doesn't besmirch peoples' character as the motivating factor for why he's running for office," Bush said.

America is a place, which detested John Kennedy being rich kid plopped into Massachusetts and the Presidency, and is proving that again with Hillary Clinton as much as Jeb Bush. Americans are a people who expect people to earn their respect, and not have it bought for them by trust funds, as Jorge Bush is once again engaged in.

Yes Jorge is Texas something commissioner in a hand picked job. Then he is supposed to be Attorney General, then he gets handed to him some state or national leadership role, and then at the appointed time, the GOP will be Balkanized again just like daddy Jeb, for Jorge to inherit the Presidency, no one in America wants this ugly Mexican to inherit.

Here is a reality as Bush Inc and their backers exist in their delusions.

Fact 1: Everyone is fed up with privilege Bush fam.
Fact 2: Everyone is fed up with the ugly Mexican squatter.
Fact 3: Latins are voting for Donald Trump and not Bush fam.
Fact 4: Bush fam is deader than dinosaurs.

Yes Bush fam and it's cronies oddly names the foundation of the GOP 'after Trump', as to be Marco Rubio and Jorge Bush, and not Ted Cruz, a Texican squatter. For some reason, Bush fam does not comprehend that unlike the assassination of John F. Kennedy, that if they attempt another coup against Donald Trump, this time there will be the culprits hung in the people's courts.

The fortunate thing in this is Jorge Bush declared his poppy, Jeb, deader than a door nail, because this is all now focused on Jorge. Apparently Jeb Bush has been so tarnished in 2016, that the inside polling points to he could not gain any funding after his 100 million dollar penthouse vacation he blew through from the elite.

So now it falls to Jorge, as we all know that Latins are dumb as posts and will all vote for an ugly Mexican in Bush fam. Problem is Mexicans are voting at 40% for Donald Trump and Jeb Bush got nothing of the Latin vote.

The reality is this former stalker from Florida in Jorge Bush, is only going to get more Mexican ugly with his big horse teeth, big pig nostril nostrils and getting more dark, parading around that fair blonde trophy wife he has been riding, just pisses off them white folk, the black folk and them Latin folk, as they know what it all means.

Jeb Bush destroyed the Bush legacy. I will repeat that so it is understood. HW Bush was TOLERATED because of Ronald Reagan. W was embraced because of Christian claims and invoking Ronald Reagan, but Americans finally figured out that two Iraq Wars, massive war debt, massive Bush kinder and gentler spending, SPP, no promotion of Conservatives, the destroying of Conservatives for Jeb, and the reality of Jeb mouthing off in 2008 that the Republicans had to be more like Obama, and in 2016 that he could win the nomination without the base...........cemented the reality that Bush fam has been nothing but Hillary Clinton in Texas, Maine and Florida.

Jeb Bush destroyed the Bush label and that is not going to disappear, because the very Republican Party who made Bush fam, now hates and detests these frauds. This is going to be written about, blogged about and taught. It is going to be reaffirmed by Mexican hordes pissing off the American race and it is going to be branded on the posterboy of this in George Prescott Bush.

The American left wants no part of this as they have the same garbage in the Clintons. The American right wants no part of this Bush fam. Latins want no part of this and now the billionaires want no part of Bush fam, as the fact is:

Reagan won it for HW and HW lost it on his own.

W. could not win it outright twice.

Jeb could not win it once.

Bush fam are losers, because Americans have no affinity with them, and now the greatest American arising in the 21st century in Donald John Trump, is being hated and dissed by Bush fam.

That alone proves Bush fam is politically inept and ignorant of what Americans have always wanted........and looking at Jorge Bush, they sure as hell are not going to want a psychologically unbalanced brown version of white versions that were part of the John F. Kennedy assassination and cover up.

Good bye and good riddance to the liberals of Bush fam. The most damaging infiltrators to the Republican Party, even surpassing Romney fam............again Mormon Mexicans out of Mexico, no American nor Mexican wanted nor wants.