Friday, May 20, 2016

Gingrich and Ryan Voice Assassination of Donald Trump


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The following are Reverse Speech exclusives by the pioneer David John Oates as of this past week. There are troubling references again this time in New Gingrich and Paul Ryan both speaking in terms of assassinating Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump even references "if he dies" in this recent series.

Seriously what it looks like is what you are witnessing in Newsmax for Hillary Clinton began pushing Newt Gingrich for Vice President, and Gingrich is the GOPliter choice.
Paul Ryan is deceiving Americans, as there is a fake front forming in the GOP for Donald Trump, but Ryan is speaking of either getting Mr. Trump the nomination or the election and then assassinating Mr. Trump.

Reinse Priebus begins this with calling them all a sodomite epitaph.

Look for these reversals on the Rense site and on David John Oates Reverse Speech.

Reinse Priebus speaking on meeting of Donald Trump with Congress and Paul Ryan :LOOK HAVE THE FAGGOTS  NOW

Reinse Priebus on Senator Graham in truce with Donald Trump: THEN THEY SURF NOW (Priebus is fed up with the flow of things.)

Newt Gingrich on being Vice President :YES AND NO I'M NOT OUT

Newt Gingrich on poll for being Vice President: BANGING YOUR FEET (Throwing tantrum in wanting to be Vice President.)

Newt Gingrich on VP ending up as President: HE'LL SERIOUSLY LEAVE (assassination of Donald Trump)

Newt Gingrich on Donald Trump changing the GOP: WE'RE AN ASS YOU'LL DEAL WITH IT ( Gingrich's faction are bastards.)

Newt Gingrich on Bush bandwagon: CHILLED WITH THE NIGGER

Newt Gingrich on what the Vice President brings to a ticket: HILLARY'S IT. HEAR FROM THE GOVERNMENT. (The shadowlands has told Gingrich something of Clinton being the pick.)

Donald Trump on States looking at minimum wage: ALL MY BLOOD WILL BE THE DEATH OF IT (Predicting assassination attempt)

Lame Cherry note: David John Oates has found in Reverse Speech, that John Kennedy was speaking about his own assassination from his inauguration. This prophetical reversals predicting futures

Sean Hannity on Americans being out of work: GIVE HILLARY THE WARNING
Sean Hannity on Gingrich polling: I ADVANCE THE HONOR (Hannity is honest.)

Sean Hannity on Gingrich being VP: BIG IMMUNITY (There is something about Gingrich crimes.)

Sean Hannity on the election: WILL I BE THE MAN? (Covering the story.)

Media person talking to Paul Ryan about Mitt Romney on Donald Trump:WE RIG IT. (Rigged stories against Donald Trump.)

Paul Ryan on if he will endorse Donald Trump: THERE IS EVIL I AGREE

Paul Ryan meeting with local Republican elected officials not spoken to for years: WE KNOW IT'S VALUE

Paul Ryan on GOP not unified behind Donald Trump : PULL THIS OFF SEND A GUN ON YOU (The you is Donald Trump. There appears to be a ruse to appear to unite behind Donald Trump and then remove him with violence.)

Paul Ryan on the GOPliters: YES THEY'RE FED UP.

Paul Ryan on GOP unified: THEY ARE FINISHED.

Donald Trump on the idea of America: IF I DIE HELP US.

Donald Trump on jobs: I WOULD GET EM.

Donald Trump on invaders: SMUG BUT I LOVE IT.

Donald Trump on Second Amendment: SEE THE WARNING

Donald Trump on Hillary Clinton as job killing machine: I MUST IMPROVISE IT

Donald Trump on coal miners out of work: EVEN I GAVE THIS MERCY OH BARACK


Those MOG's still spiking the installation of Hillary Clinton, the shattering of the Republican Party and these continuous smears on Anticipated President Donald Trump, are now all colluding in a murder which is being exposed and their guilt in it.

Donald Trump serves eight years as President or there will be a revolution where the street lights in America are adorned with the convicted corpses of all of these assassins.

#No more Warren Commissions

Almighty Father in the Name of Your Christ, we invoke you for the safety of Donald Trump and his family, and for the protection of all of your children, against these heinous traitors to Your Will. Thy Will be done Father, Thy Will be done by the hand of your servant, Donald Trump. Amen and Amen