Saturday, May 21, 2016

The Lethal Ice Cream Scoop Of Delight

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I really like God as He has a most humorous sense in delighting to.............well let me just explain the story and it will make sense.

As a child, my food groups included ice cream, cream, cookies and pie. I think I probably have Orange Blossom Sherbet Vanilla Ice Cream in my veins, as if my body does not react to the poisons, I simply am drawn to this like bees to nectar.

Most of you have probably tried to scoop ice cream with a spoon and had it bend, or break, as it gets rock hard at times. So having bad experiences too many times, I like ice cream scoops.
About the time I met TL, I started acquiring heavy duty ice cream scoops. I have ones with levers, ones with a flat scoop like Grampa had, one with a big ole scoop and wooden handle, and I got one a few weeks ago which I did not need for like 40 cents, and that was the end of ice cream scoops as I have 3 like this one....or 4.

So I quit cold turkey, swore off ice cream scoops, as I have enough to play with.

So TL and I are standing in the table jewelry section of the junk shop and I spot this huge thing of aluminum, which looks bizarre and unfamiliar as it is this wicked hunk of metal. I pull it out, and it is this scoop with this blob on top of it which is so repulsively unfamiliar that it scared everyone else off.
I figured out by God's Grace that it was a rabbit. It made me think of Alice in Wonderland for some reason and it just puzzled me.......and I found myself telling TL that I was going to get it, which TL agreed, probably too shocked to protest at anything that ugly and malformed.

I started playing with it, and figured it would be like a New York Police billy club, in I could cold cock anyone with this honestly is weapon status among ice cream scoops.

So for Mum's day, TL and I got Mom some ice cream, a peanut butter chocolate thing with vanilla, and I got to play with brair rabbit scoop, and it really delighted me.
I was stunned, so I was playing with it some more, and I could not believe how well it fits the hand.......someone in investment casting spent a great deal of time making this thing fit exactly in the human hand............American made in USA too............and then I noticed that the little bunny feet actually are perfect aligned for the two inner fingers to go on each side of the foot.

I mean that is really artistic, functional and going beyond the call. It is now my favorite ice cream scoop and I almost did not want to pick it up. I now foresee our children one day delighting in b rabbit scoop and having to take turns to use it. Sort of like Tiny Tim fam waiting for Dad Bob to test Mrs. Cratchet's plum pudding.

I am sort of sad the person who designed this, the company execs are all dead now, and I doubt bun scoop caught on as I never saw anything like this before. It just amazes me all the work and craftsmanship which went into this thing, as it is built better than a 1968 Ford Pickup.

I do not get to eat much ice cream now, but I am going to delight in every scoop with bunny scoop, as the fun is in the scooping and knowing most of these were sold to China and melted down for profit by American idiots...........

So that brings us to God's humor in knowing what would delight me, taking time to point it all out, and then sticking me with this weird looking scoop, so God can know how much He delighted me with something that one almost feels like they have to apologize for having.

Nuff Said.