Saturday, May 14, 2016

God that is UGLY

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I saw a post on Drudge about the sanitized version of Playboy is now out for the Mark Zuckerberg generation, and it is non nude and all I can say is after witnessing the playmate of the year in Eugena Washington is THANK GOD, as that is a woman who should have on a Burkah.

From what I understand, a woman is supposed to give an erection in men, and in this tranny Obama age are supposed to make the little clit stand up and take notice, and not suppress arousal, as that leaves you with just a ..........well Popular Mechanics, and at least they have pretty tools to make you smile.

I can not spend any more time looking at this type of ugly, as it reminds me of Muchelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, Heidi Cruz, Carly Fiornina..........and I have not had my breakfast yet and do not care to puke up the bacon.

Damn that is ugly. Cover it up or put up a picture of a nice Harbor Freight Chicago Power Drill