Saturday, May 14, 2016

That Necessary Shit Scent On Donald Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The crux of the matter now that the People of the United States have made Donald Trump the President Elect of these disUnited States, is Donald Trump going to be a man of the People or is he going to forget them now, as his first appearance on Capitol Hill cuddling up to Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell had him jilting Representative Duncan Hunter of California who was his chief advocate, along with other Republicans, and it now begs the question of is Donald Trump going to forget all of us now too?

Are we all going to be the next Anthony Senecal, in being described by the campaign as "troubled" and what we say as Americans, "disgusting"?

Is our world now going to be like the stupid horses, cows, sheep and chickens, looking into Animal House as Donald Trump wears his suits, seated with the pigs like Sheldon Adelson and Paul Ryan, and we remember the writing on the wall of this revolution, and how it now all reads, The Tea Party is for Americans.........except for Tea Party Americans.

Sheldon Adelson is a necessary component of the Trump for President campaign, but I would rather live in a world of hardworking 84 year old firebrand Anthony Senecal, demanding American laws being enforced to protect Americans, than the party of one Sheldon Adelson buying Paul Ryan, in conglomerate-purchased regime.

If it requires explaining to President Donald Trump and his tiara wearing advisers, then let it be made plain. Mr. President Elect, you came calling to Gordon Duff, Alex Jones and others. You did your hours of research into what was being talked about on the fringe, and you spoke the magic words like George W. Bush did to Christians and like Ted Cruz did to Conservatives. We are not a group though like the Erick Erickson trolls of no talent and paid for in this fringe beyond Jones and Duff. We are a group of toxicity and venom of real America, and that which by God's Grace made you, is the same force which will abandon you to your enemies, if you forget who made you.

It is time Mr. Trump that you reassess your assessment which has you indicating you are a mule who thinks now that you are out of the abyss, which we rode you, that you think you can go run with the carousel ponies and forget about the pack animals of the donkey herd.

You just try and run Cleveland without our firewall. We walk Mr. Trump and we will not come back. You limp into 1600 Penn Avenue, and it will be 4 years of Chuck Schumer chewing off your body parts, as Paul Ryan tells you to like it, and then Sheldon Adelson will have you deploying US troops to die for another Ashkenaz commercial exploiting of Muslims again..........and come 2020 you will be primaried to join your place in history.

You get this Mr. Lewandowski, as the long knives are out for you from inside, like Sam Nunberg, and this Mr. Manafort, Donald Trump is trying to lead a movement he is behind and not out in front of, and his strategy crashed twice this week, and you are clueless and your campaign is arrogant as you sniff the manicured roses and forget it was pure shit which grew it all.

It is a hell of a thing for someone in a 757 and Trump Tower, with tiara advice, having destroyed your connection with the People, and have to come down and shovel shit to try and erase that word "betrayal" which is forming in the base's mind.

President Elect Donald Trump needs some talking to, and he is insulated and deaf, as he just made us feel like White Niggers this week, the thing Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton have been making us feel like, as Bernie Sanders chants it.

I told you to fix it and you are so caught up in thinking you have succeeded, that you have no idea that this week, you forgot the God Who made you and you insulted His children.

I am here to warn you President Elect Donald Trump, that you either get the scent of shit back on your shoes with working Americans and the shit under your fingernails to never forget it for the next few months, or you are not going to make it to the next 4 years as President, as God will do what comes without you, and you will be held responsible.

The Lame Cherry did not raise you up by God's Grace to have you turn into Jehu Cruz, as I will never enable another backstabber. I have Jesus and I do not need another politician forgetting who his employers are who are in the process of firing him in their hearts as they already have Hillary Clinton.

Trump denies he posed as his
spokesman during tabloid days

Associate Press, by Staff
Original Article
Posted By:FlyRight, 5/14/2016 7:00:20 AM
Back when Donald Trump´s love life was tabloid heaven, a Trump spokesman with intimate knowledge of the businessman´s personal relationships offered juicy stories about a failing marriage, a new live-in paramour and three other girlfriends he was juggling at once.The spokesman identified himself as John Miller. But The Washington Post says it was actually Trump, posing as his own publicist on the phone with a reporter who wondered why Miller´s voice sounded so familiar. The Post has unearthed a recording of that 1991 phone call. The voice on the phone describes Trump as irresistible to women.

More fires there Mr. President Elect, and no one to put them out for you again on day two, and hundreds of more fires coming for a conflagration to consume you before November. Pity the Lame Cherry was not doing the work in running interference for you again, making it all look easy as Corey Lewandowski gets 50,000 dollars for supposedly winning New Hampshire for you.

The Lame Cherry on the above story would have said, "Gee Donald Trump as his own mini me spokesman? I would be more worried if the Donald had got the story wrong."

Then we all would have laughed and forgotten it. Now it just sits there and festers and people begin to think about the AP Mockingbird in what else loud mouth things Donald Trump has been spouting off about.

Inspiration from God makes it easy Mr. President Elect, not tiara advice from panty wearers who do not know that work involves sweat.

Are you listening Trump minders or are you going to wait until your Tower needs knee replacement surgery. President Elect should not have to be denying anything. Looks like your strategist is not doing so good on this battlefield without this sapper in the wire.