Wednesday, May 11, 2016

In Good Deeds Done

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wonder why I do things as I always have, as today being busy and coming home from errands, there was a pretty little puppy sitting on a busy highway by a farm, and he was so yearning, that even another motorist stopped and was trying to figure out what to do with him.

The other driver drove up to the farm site, but no one was home, as I went over to a little guy rolling around on the ground, looking quite pleased he was not alone in the world.
After more discussion, I noted a vet tag, so I said I would phone them and see whose dog it was..........and of course the business had closed.

He was a beautiful little guy and I was tempted to take him home and keep him, but instead drove to another vet in town and asked the gal there, who is married to ......I will not go into this bunch of relatives as they cheated me out of my Great Grandpa's farm site and I tend to think it would be nice if they were run over by things.

So after some discussion, we ascertained it was Rusty, her nephew's dog, so I brought the puppy in and she was going to handle the transfer as the kid lived a half mile from where we found him, and I suspect the little guy followed the owner's pick up and got lost.

I have always been paranoid  careful with animals, as people are stupid in driving in murdering things. Sherlock being such a case. I swear I can try and run over a damned woodchuck and miss them every time, and these tards driving along in complete texting oblivion hit deer, dogs and cats as if they were born to it.

The puppy seemed quite interested in things as I drove him around for a half hour in getting things sorted out. I think he would have benefited from being around us immensely, as he seemed like the relatives brain dead was transfering to him.

I just hope this nephew gets his head out of his ass and is more aware, as I know that dog was for the Grace of God, not dead, and probably would have been dead if not for us.

I do not understand these asstards though on Craigslist selling dogs for 300 dollars they got for free or 1000 bucks to a good home. If a person has a 1000 bucks for a dog, they sure as hell are going to lock it in the kennel, and be too busy to do anything with it, so that is bullshit in all of these scammers hiding behind this to profit off of dogs as if they are doing them a favor.

This was a rescue dog, like Lacey at the feed store. For some reason, I never find anything but those damned pit bull crosses or blue heelers.........two breeds the world will not miss like Ted Cruz in politics.

It will all work out in God's time. He probably has to kill a bunch of people, put a bunch of people into death's door, and then we will get the land and money we are looking for, and then a puppy will probably appear.

Now we did a good deed today in saving a life. Can't do a thing about the Darwins though, and I have no intention of saving them as the world will be a better place without them.......well they do use up drones, bullets and Muslim rape cock, so they do have a purpose until they all die.

For now a puppy is in this world, by a good deed, and God keep him safe from stupid owners. 

So we did not get home to almost 1, without eating, and the afternoon was shot. Am sure God evens things out though in good deeds done for God's Glory.