Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Propaganda Terrorism Now Against Donald Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The racists against Americans have been sent out to spread propaganda concerning the sound Trump economic policies by trying to scare the people who have 401K's with a fiction that President Trump will be after those accounts, based upon the fallacy that "Americans hold more debt bonds" than foreign nations.

We Americans own almost $5 trillion in Treasury bonds, all told. That’s more than twice as much as China, Japan and all the oil exporting countries put together. 

Let us though find the facts in who owns the US Obama debt.

Fed Now Largest Owner of U.S. Gov't Debt—Surpassing China

Fed Now Largest Owner of U.S. Gov't Debt ... publicly held portion of that debt being the Federal Reserve. ... the Federal Reserve, own a combined $6.3253 ...

The fact is your 401K's are invested in a number of stocks, as they produce increases, while bonds are the avenue the debt traders use to rig debt, for it to fail, so you get nailed in TARP bailouts.
You can figure this out without even evidence, as who was buying Quantitive Easing bonds of Obama debt? Yes it was the Federal Reserve, and that is how this smoke and mirrors is being "transferred to the American public".
You own Air Force One too, but I doubt you order a ride in it, or sell it off to Mark Zuckerberg.

Each of you are going to be terrorized and lied to. This time it is making you think your retirement is in danger, when in reality when Donald Trump tells the speculators who own the media and political parties to stick it in Americans are not going to be robbed any more, they are squealing like pigs being deprived of the trough.

Brett Arends is the leader of this current smear, and has descended like the National Review, into the realm of race hatred against Americans. The National Review fixated on the Neo Nigger and Arends is now calling Americans Jungle Bunnies.

I’ve pointed out several times the way Trump has stuck it to creditors and stockholders. It got a lot of angry comments from Trumpanzees who felt I was being totally unfair to their guy.

Yes this is Market Watch promoting race hate in the lowest form of bigotry.

Right Wing News is posting this racism under deviant Dave Blount who can not repeat the racial slurs and smears in terrorizing Americans.

The fact is Donald Trump is going to emancipate Americans from being debt slaves created by Obama and exploited by these nation rapists. President Donald Trump is going to take the profit out of enslaving each of you.
Whatever the markets engage in by these crook speculators is going to happen any way, just like in 1929 and just like in 2008, and of course they will try and blame President Trump. I fully expect them to plunge the US Stock Market upon the election of Donald Trump and the first headline out of the New York Times will be, STOCK MARKETS PLUNGE IN UNCERTAINTY OF TRUMP ECONOMIC PLAN.

Why do you think those piss ants like Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz were so cocky in their crimes against Donald Trump? They have the billionaire backers who own the police state and are raping all of us economically.

The Lame Cherry exposes all of  this and states again, this is collusion, and we have the names of Dave Blount and Matt Arends, in their full race hatred and terrorizing of Americans in lies, meant to overthrow the elections in America. This is criminal and Attorney General Chris Christie has the names to indict these culprits and move this up the food chain.
We never got anyone prosecuted after Bush41's Savings and Loan bust, Clinton's Dotcom bust, Bush43 in the insider trading on 9 11 and Obama's 2008 looting of America which has gone on for his entire regime. It is time that AG Christie starts with the propagandists at economic war against America, with full measures against traitors and terrorists, which this subversives are for electing Hillary Clinton, who must be made to answer for her absolute crimes too.

President Donald Trump is not going to default of defraud one cent from any American Citizen. Your investments are completely protected, as is your Social Security retirement. The only entities Donald Trump ever deals terms to, are the conglomerates and countries who attempted to extort money from Trump enterprises, and President Trump is going to get the same profitable settlement which he secured for his family business.

I would say shame on these disgusting Dave Blount and Brett Arends, but let their sins be visited upon them and multiplied for their Crimes Against Americans.