Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mother Russia

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In this era of Donald Trump as President of the United States of America, the Lame Cherry seeks to produce a series of diplomatic white papers to engage security for the entire world, and the Russian American Construct is the most vital for world peace, and has been greatly damaged by the Obama Clinton Kerry aggression and has been void in the Ted Cruz diaries of carpet bombing of Arab lands.

There is a long historical cooperation between America and Russia. The Russian Imperial Government looked to American naval leadership in John Paul Jones and in the American Civil War, the Russian Government assisted in protecting America from European aggression.
It was only through European intrigue and the socialism of Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt, based upon Schiff and Rothschild betrayal of mother Russia, that the worst of relations became the Stalin Truman cold war, which thawed under Ronald Reagan, but became the worst of words in Obama Clinton "reset".

Vladimir Putin is rightly the most adept world leader at the start of the 21st century. He has endured abuse from the cartel powers, and America was a proxy to this fomenting of international discord. Russia should never have been viewed after World War I as a Stalin Oligarchy to be gleaned for the international economic rapists of all her resources. Russia and America cooperation produced a peaceful construct with German Imperial diplomacy up until World War I. The world from 1860 to 1915 was one of the best progressions for humanity in protecting colonial advancement from savage and barbaric races.

In this construct, Vladimir Putin is vulnerable without Donald Trump and with Mr. Trump or true America, Mr. Putin fulfills his complete destiny as the Russian Czars became leaders in ending slavery and advancing their peoples in associating with Americans placed upon the throne of Jesus the Christ in the New World.

One must be aware of the Russian weaknesses in order to find her strengths, for in weakness she has allied herself to the antithesis of her survival.

In the West, the aristocracy cartel is embarked again upon another plan for Russian genocide in her division to be spoiled of resources for European powers, with the Obama subterfuge. All of this works together in the Brzezinski doctrine of militant muslims making war upon the world and Russia specifically, so Russia is allied with Shia Islam which is the weaker construct, and in the far east Russia has provided the technological military leap to China with 1 billion infringing upon Russia's borders.
Literally the antithesis of Russian Christianity and Russian Caucasian genus has been what Russia has wed herself to.

In this, America should lead for the promotion of Russia, not as a European power, but as the West Asian power of Christian Republican form of self governance for the security of Asia, Europe and the world.
There should be developed a central European Slavic block of nations in self defense to replace NATO on Russia's border, for trade and security. Neither promoting Russia, America or western Europe, but engaged in promoting themselves in peaceful cooperation with the three other powers.

Of necessity, Russia will have to embark upon a program, wed to its Orthodox Christianity in promoting larger families, with the intent of Russian resources to reward with oil revenues, and a promise of 40 acres and a dacha to every Russian family which remains law abiding, productive, and produces 5 offspring, with greater rewards for more children in order to expand the Russian native population to sustainable levels.

Russia has many strengths. It is the breadbasket and energy tank of Europe and Asia. She has invested wisely in advanced weaponry and in defense shelters. She is a nation which is poised to survive a nuclear or meteor holocaust, but a people who has gone to bed with a Muslim sword and a Chinese dragon, and can never fully go to sleep for fear of entering a perpetual sleep of Muslims and Chicoms taking possession of the Russian house.

Like America, Russia can be the greatest asset of the world or the greatest debt of the world. It all depends upon political direction which is moral and sound. Russia can not be blamed for self interest, but America in the former Obama age does have responsibility in having her Reagan heritage hijacked by conglomeratists and speculators in the form of nation rapist, George Soros, who has by proxy for the cartel, made war upon America, Russia and the world.

For this reason, the greatest political leader in the world at present, Vladimir Putin, should have a vested interest in a spirit of cooperation with the risen Donald Trump. Both are Christian leaders of Christian peoples whose nations are under duress from outside interests whose scope is exploiting nations and making World War IV.
Russia and America must come to a trust. A trust where each nation is provided advantage, and where opportunity to take advantage of the other is not seized upon, because each nation understands the world is more secure and prosperous with the other having its rightful place in it.

I believe in the era of American and Russian cooperation from 1776 to 1876. It was a world of advancement of serf and slave, and industrial heights, with the necessity of the great German political and diplomatic leadership. All of this was voided when Germany was conspired against, and nations believed that robbing the Deutsch of their empire would provide a place of stolen satisfaction, but all it has constructed is a world in perpetual war.

The above white paper began with the photo of General George Armstrong Custer in Topeka Kansas with Grand Duke Alexei Alexandrovich on a hunting expedition in the American West. Few people in the modern age knew of the Spirit of Trust and Cooperation between America and Russia as each people freed themselves of repression and stood against the global order intent on their destruction. The world is on the brink of World War IV and all can comprehend now the Great Eurasian War which the Lame Cherry spoke of a decade ago.
For the survival of the best of the human race, the American and Russian races must become Christian Soldiers standing guard with each other armed and plowing the world for peace.

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