Friday, May 13, 2016

Naboth's Vineyard

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was thinking of Ahab at this moment and the lovely Jezebel, but the focus was really on Naboth. See Naboth was a good guy, who just happened to have a vineyard which was lovely, and King Ahab lusted for it, but Naboth refused to sell as it was family land.

Thus entered Jezebel, who sent out liars to frame Naboth, had him murdered by the state, and then Ahab stole the vineyard all legal........but God saw it all, and sent a Prophet to denounce the murderous actions.

Why I think of Naboth is I think of Tony Senecal, the spied upon old man, stalked by the liberal media to find American said things, to try to link to Donald Trump, and his campaign jumped through the hoop without one modicum of thought, and slammed the old man hard.

I can understand in pandering to black voters over this. I can understand a moment's stupidity by the Trump campaign. What I will not stand for though is a phrase like, "Senecal's remarks were disgusting and it is obvious he is a troubled man".

This is a fine gentleman of the highest sort, and there was not the least thing disgusting nor threatening against Birther Hussein, in stating the military in protecting America should have apprehended Obama, put him on trial and carried out the sentence.
That is called Justice in any nation, and there is nothing disgusting about Justice and the only thing troubling about this, is someone thinking any American seeking Justice should be crushed as the liberal media is assaulting an 84 year old man who is still loyal to Mr. Trump.

I inquired of this event, and this was not tweeted on Twitter, but was posted on Facebook, which is where the very rude attack upon Mr. Senecal was added, as it did not appear in the Hope Hicks disavowal which had Donald Trump's name put to it. Mr. Trump did not apparently utter the "troubled" part, which is what this is entirely about, because for some reason this popular girl does not condone abusing the elderly, kittens or puppies, the children, the poor, people down on their fortunes, or for that matter Donald John Trump when he was being railed upon.

I sincerely realize that Donald Trump needs to be taught a lesson, in those around him who engaged in this abuse of Mr. Senecal, are going to become a problem of immense proportions for all of America. I did not place all this energy into God's Plan to have it covered in the sin of the Vineyard of Senecal. No one builds a campaign on crushing an old geezer which is politically expedient.

What is done is done, but what follows now is the reality that the Lame Cherry had one leader, and that is Jesus the Christ for the Father in Heaven. I desire no earthly leader nor to be sullied by their fawning frauds attached to power.
What Tony Senecal said is in his Constitutional Rights and is not the issue. What is at issue is an old man was horribly misused, mishandled and cast aside, and that will be answered for.

I was contemplating all of this early this morning as the Holy Ghost sorts things out for me in my mind, and it all came to me, how to simply obliterate the Trump campaign for President, with one simple post. As I have the knowledge now, the matrix has this same knowledge if it can be gleaned, but it is all so very simple, and if I simply typed it, the schism would be born, and Mr. Trump would limp into Cleveland and I would have him older than Hillary by November, and if I did not shield him as I have in putting out the little fires, it would be President Hillary Clinton.
You do realize the Ted and Heidi Cruz campaign with this knowledge or those smarmy GOPliters, could use this same information and crumble Mr. Trump to the extent, that a new nominee would be drafted, and my children and my brats, you would all be cheering the new nominee, because that is how it would all be constructed to make you glad.

For those who think, this could possibly not be the case in Mr. Trump could not be stopped, just check back a year ago in this blog when it was Jeb Bush who could not be stopped, and now he is kaput, and most of you are happy with Mr. Trump. With God all things are possible as this blog has proven.

Now let us think about this my children, not about what I could post, but think about what the asking price would be. After all, everyone markets themselves so cheap. What about a deal where all of you are multi millionaires, after taxes, so you could live in your estates, hire little slave Mexicans to do your bidding and eat nice juicy Muslim steaks in halal?

What difference would it make then who would be at 1600 Penn as you would have the money like all the Trumps of this world, Jesus would be your Lord, you could build your disaster complex, and pray Kingdom come, and the Great Tribulation would have you in Jesus arms in a few years later. Why die in discomfort when you can live in comfort.

Never mind about me, if I pull the house down and die like Samson, I will be in a better place where no one can touch me, and if I live, I am certain someone would let TL and I cuddle up in their dog bunker until the nuclear clouds dissipate.
Then again, what is the Presidency worth? 10 billion to the Lame Cherry, as we do not think small here, perhaps 100 billion as they print the money, and why not make it a bribe as everyone is profiting off of this American election........women Ted Cruz adulterated with, Hillary's conglomerates gunning down LaVoy Finicum, and you can go down the list to see how everyone wants something from you and you get nothing, and they get the ivory tower.

Maybe the Lame Cherry has been like the Prophet Ezekiel all along in Daughter of Women, put on the robes of a profane blog to show the people how profane they are or perhaps like the Prophet Hosea, in Daughter of Women, wed yourself to a prostitute of a blog to shame yourself with bribes of 10 billion dollars.

So much going on in the Lame Cherry, having proven Jeb Bush could be plucked like a tick when no one else thought it possible, and now with the tick of Hillary Clinton about to be plucked, perhaps it is time to remember the vineyard of Naboth, as God sees all of this, and I had a very disquieted night with interupted sleep, pillow cuddling and anguish in the Spirit in me not liking having been put through all of this, and then being assaulted by the demon of Jezebel.

Just look at this post for a moment, top to this little space, if other words were here, by God's Grace, I could end Donald Trump's campaign. I could make it an excruciating deflated event or I could make it quick in all of you turning on him.

Perhaps we could make it something like hamstringing the campaign, so it limps into Cleveland, where the notorious foreigner, Ted Cruz, could make a lovely show.....and announce he was Hillary Clinton's Vice President, and they could troll off claw and paw to the DNC..........all for you being a multi millionaire with beaner slaves and Muslim steaks.

I know, I know that makes some of you with consciences squirm, so let us construct a things a bit beyond in let us add Paul Ryan primaried, so that spot is open, and come November the lovely Cathy Rodgers is the next Speaker, with the lovely Jamie Beutler as her whip........and you know how back alley stabber Hamrod and Tedwardo are, so of course they would remove each other, and so around February 14th, it would be President Cathy Rodgers.....and let's throw in Vice President Jeff Sessions, with Jamie Beutler as Speaker, and we will keep old Mitch McConnell around at the Senate.

Would that not be an appealing ticket? Your being a multi millionaire with beans and ass steaks, a lovely President and gentleman Vice President, and the Bernie Sanders voters all cared for and everyone sailing off into a non nuclear sunset?

I have not checked with God in this, so it is not blessed, but there tends to be a reality with the Lame Cherry, that what the popular thinks, does happen. I think it is time that Donald John Trump, if he can not respect his elders, he is going to learn to respect his betters. I did not do this to use an old man's blood and guts to mortar my patching bricks up with in Anthony Senecal.

Inquiry tells me that two of the campaigns monitor this blog, and one has someone reporting back to them as to what I am up to. This is all a new horizon point now. My children as multi millionaires, being Mexican hand fed on Muslim steaks, as they all have nice multi million dollar things, as the reality is, shall it be written how to nullify the Trump campaign by God's Will or shall it not.........shall it be a 100 billion dollar prize in who will bring the 30 pieces of silver, plus gold, or just how will this all work out?

Will it be gnarling Ted and Heidi, or will it be gnarled Hillary.....or might it be both, or might it be, some GOPliter thinking that President Rodgers is the ticket, or might it be someone at the Donald Trump campaign being re employed to put a Nigger shine on Tony Senecal's shoes, as someone apologizes to Mr. Senecal for abusing him, and promises as President that the first agenda will be to prosecute to Gitmo prison those who thought they could dig around in an old man's Facebook account and then stalk him by phoning him up to taking advantage of an old man.

Yes this is much more interesting in being on God's side, and standing up for what is right, and not being made to agree that the destruction of one old man, is worth the salvation of a nation, which will be judged for this one event.

No the Lame Cherry did not come out of Sodom, to have to agree to incest in the caves above Gomorrah. I pray I passed God's test, and satan is rebuked from accusing me of blood guiltiness or any of you my children.

I did not bring you out of Egypt to cover you with innocent blood my children, and I did not engage in this business to become a political whore, agreeing to another whore's expediency.

And it came to pass after these things, that Naboth the Jezreelite had a vineyard, which was in Jezreel, hard by the palace of Ahab king of Samaria.

I Kings 21:1


How are those fires the Lame Cherry used to put out for you there, warming you up there Mr. Trump?


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