Friday, May 13, 2016

President Elect Donald Trump's Line In The Concrete

I realize that due to the politics of getting elected that a candidate has to pander to Black voters on the Hillary edge, so one disavows the First Amendment expressions of a former employee in Anthony Senecal, even when Mr. Senecal was expressing the thoughts of the American Silent Majority, that Barack Hussein Obama and the image, should have been arrested by the United States military, tried, convicted and face justice for the Obama crimes.

I realize the politics, Mr. President Elect, but I also realize something else Mr. Trump.

This blog was the first to Prophesy of you. God made you a Jehu, and never forget that there is a God in Heaven, Who will unmake you. God made things easy in carrying you and God will make things hard and each moment a burden you can not bear.

Mr. Trump, do not ever put down anyone that hard again or by God's Grace I will put Paul Ryan's leash around your neck to have you led around, as the mob drives you through the streets with sticks.

I have not yet been moved with the decision by the Holy Ghost whether I will cease putting out the daily fires lit against you by your adversaries, so that they will come to a conflagration, you will never be able to deal with. This blog does not pay a living wage, and I am exhausted, and my life needs attention which I have put on hold for America and running interference for you. You reached out to others like Alex Jones and Gordon Duff to glean them in their support and that used was allowed. This now is the line in the concrete which you have crossed, and do not cross it again, in signing off on an employee to slander an American as "troubled".

I know now how to stop your campaign Mr. Trump. I know the schism with one post I can inflict with, and now the matrix knows, if they of this world can find it. If though, you do not deal with this situation and if this blog is so moved by God, by God's Grace I will have you limp into Cleveland, and make you older than Hillary Clinton by November. If you violate the markers again, I will predict your end in prison as a broken pariah. Your children will be jailed. Your wealth divided, and your wives with other men.

Do not ever sign off on the kind of disrespect your employee engaged in with Mr. Senecal again. You may post that Mr. Senecal is not going to be used by those who would browbeat an elderly man to tarnish your campaign. State that you do not agree with Mr. Senecal.  But you do not cross the line in smearing his character as "troubled" as that old man is being assaulted by the GOPliters.
What Mr. Senecal stated, needed to be said for the political salvation of America, to move the borders of the Overton window, so that you President Trump can then utilize those laws of prosecution to protect your agenda and protect America.

I have better things to do now. Put out your own damn fires, but you can not, because all you do uninspired is fan the flames with your rhetoric.


I destest smug children who rise to the top in the ivory towers, touching Trump power, and forget that this is about God, and always about God, and God notes those who abuse the elderly, the orphan and the poor.

Fix it Mr. President Elect. Fix it in private, or learn to enjoy the Bezos bbq. He will make your Louvre tinder for your dauphin Paris balls.