Tuesday, May 3, 2016


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is an amazing thing when people actually vote, when Reince Priebus is put on leash not to menace voters, when Robert Mercer is checked in vote fraud programming, and when Ted Cruz comes out crazy paranoid ranting about everyone from Donald Trump, Rupert Murdoch, Roger Ahles, for Americans rejecting Ted Cruz as they are repulsed by this Cubano Canadian illegal entrant into America and the GOP primary that Donald Trump wins in landslides........well Donald Trump won in landslides too in Kansas, Maine, Ohio and Wisconsin, but Cruz and Kasich put their names on the Trump voters........but that is all wetbacks shipped back to beanerville, because the voters of Indiana, from Christians, Veterans, Women, Men, University trained, working class, employed, unemployed, and I think even Ted Cruz's mama voted for Donald Trump in a landslide which obliterated Rafael Tedwardo Cruz II.

Thank you to Indiana. Americans appreciate it.

Perhaps now that the reality is set in, that Ted Cruz as the Lame Cherry stated can not win the nomination, steal the nomination, win on first, second, third or when hell freezes over ballot, that perhaps Matt Walsh might make a little money in offering a one way ship trip to Patagonia for all of these cuckservatives who have hijacked Conservativism and Ronald Reagan can go into exile and be the bitch of some nice German Nazi there, to literally fetch birds for them.

Ted Cruz was finished at Iowa, and if he had not stolen the election from Donald Trump by lynching Ben Carson via Amanda Carpenter, this all would have been Mr. Trump unleashed on the worst of criminals in Hillary Clinton.

So for the Sanders voters, you too can thank Ted Cruz for keeping Hillary Clinton in the race. It is time for you to join Donald Trump and finish the task of ridding America from Mrs. Clinton in politics.

The New York Times has the best headline in all of this.

Ted Cruz's Bitter End

Sour, smug and nakedly ambitious, the Texas senator was never built to go the distance.
New York Times40 minutes ago

To the Cruz voters, you are not going to get any sympathy or pats on the head of begging anything from you. You have already been replaced by working blue collar Democrats, but I do hold my hand out and tell you that it will be ignored that you were taken advantage of by Ted Cruz who was sent in to obliterate you to political oblivion for his elite masters, but in freeing yourself of this crank Cruz, you can start fresh as Conservatives and on your hind legs be the Christians that Jesus told you to be and the Americans that Ronald Reagan told you that you can be.

You are not going to get in any fag girly cheap shots. Grow up and show what real Conservatives are in a Donald Trump Administration.



Americans should have been at this point months ago. We should have been engaged in stopping Hillary Clinton and bringing Bernie Sanders voters to the fold, as we are all furious at the betrayal of the liberals and conservatives who are nothing but oligarchs of a thugocracy.

It is now President Donald Trump, and Ted Cruz is going the way of the rest of these rejected contenders in over 200 years of American history which were well forgotten for the culls they were, are and Ted Cruz is.


 It certainly ain't Tedwardo Cruz Indiana America!!!!!!

President Donald Trump. Get used to it, as it is going to be that way for the next 8 years.

TRUMP 2016 TRUMP 2020