Tuesday, May 3, 2016


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I desire each of you to be aware of today what the Art of the Deal is all about as Donald Trump closed the deal today with America.

As you missed it, Donald Trump put on a seminar today in how to make your opponents react for the maniacs they are, with just one sentence.

We return to Sean Homo Hannity in his cover ups for  Ted Cruz. When last we left Homo Hannity he was saying that he was sitting on the Cruz Adultery story for months, and today he noted in the Rafael Ted Cruz and Lee Harvey Oswald story, that Homo has been sitting on that story of over a month and a half.

Apparently Sean Homo Hannity is a retard or he does not know how to search for a story, because in trying to corrupt the story of the Oswald Cruz connection, Hannity tried blaming the National Enquirer which is right on all of it's breaking stories.
The fact is the source on this was the investigative reporter Wayne Madsen, who broke most of the Obama stories and the story about Marco Rubio being gay, which were all fact.

I have not featured the Oswald Cruz story, but will on Thursday post an exclusive which is going to change your thinking on Dallas 1963 in the Kennedy Assassination. This current post is not about that story, but about the reality of when Donald Trump can make all of these fraud cuckservatives jump with one mention of Rafael Cruz sr. at New Orleans, then you have the Master of Deal in action. It proves that Cruz is no match of Vladimir Putin and he certainly is not in the same league as the honest, Donald Trump.

I will though fill in on the Cruz Oswald connection as this is by Limbaugh and the mic heads tyring to be mocked off the scene. The fact is Lee Harvey Oswald was in New Orleans in the Summer of 1963. The fact is he was then promoting "HANDS OFF CUBA" to stop another invasion of Cuba by those who wanted that action as Kennedy had failed America and Cuba at the Bay of Pigs.
Lee Harvey Oswald hired several people to hand out these fliers, and one according to several forensic experts hired by the Enquirer, matches the elder Cruz, whose story has been proven to be an absolute fabrication, no matter how much Ted Cruz admires his communist old man.

There simply is not any way a foreign communist in the McCarthy era was going to be allowed into America. Cruz's story is a lie, as he said he was fighting with Castro since he was 14, and then in exile with no schooling, came to America and enrolled into the university system in Texas.
How many beaners do you know who are coming across the border are going to start college tomorrow and they can not even write their names?

The Cruz story is full of holes and no one believes it, and the fact is Cruz sr and jr both lie like crack whores, the lie often and not well.

Ted Cruz has had a horrid two days on the most important day in his 100 day smearing of Donald Trump. His choice as Fiorina is a dead weight as this blog noted. Fiorina fell off the stage she was in introducing Ted. Ted set up what Rush Limbaugh calls a "brain dead" Trump voter in Marion Indiana, and the Brain Dead Trump voter mopped the street with Harvard Head Ted Cruz for an epic whooping.

Now at the very moment that Ted needs to look good, Donald Trump jerks Cruz's chain over his old man, and Cruz has a meltdown that even the Cruz press is not making excuses for as it was so bitter and nuts.

That is the art of the deal and how you do things.

Ted Cruz has malevolently been clawing at Donald Trump for months. We know today how Ted Cruz really feels about Donald Trump, because Ted was lying all last year when Cruz was inviting Mr. Trump along and pretending to be his advocate. So Ted Cruz proved today he is Lyin' Ted as  that is all he does.
We know from Reverse Speech that Ted Cruz was spying on Melania Trump, and was behind the various smears of the Trump women, along with his Heidi and Hillary groupies. Yet in all of that Donald Trump held his cool, kept to his game plan and then when the moment for jerking Cruz around came, Donald Trump said one sentence on FOX and Ted Cruz went nuts.

I want you to think back in this, how Donald Trump, just like he did with Jeb Bush, was baiting Ted Cruz all along. Mr. Trump never started any of this, but when Ted Cruz started stalking Melania Trump, Mr. Trump then posted that factual picture of the ugly Heidi Cruz.

So all of you do not get lost in this emotion, you will notice that Ted Cruz did not go nuts in reacting in defending his wife, unlike his father. That says a great deal about how Ted Cruz feels about his wife and women. I take you back to Ted Cruz in reverse speech, in which he called Heidi a  "little bitch" and in announcing Carly Fiorina, Cruz said, "I rape".
That is a completely unhealthy and 3rd world Sharia view of women. I am though very pleased that American women proved they can not be manipulated by Ted Cruz in that VP pick, because American women actually fled Cruz and his numbers fell.

That is the reality in this which all of you can see by the actions and results.

Ted Cruz is a backbiter who starts fights, and when people defend themselves in their own time and choice, then Ted Cruz plays the victim, like he did in trying to ambush that Trump Supporter in Indiana. We now know Ted Cruz's weak spot. He uses women like his wife and little girl as props, but Cruz worships at the new of his crazy commie old man, Rafael. The one who keeps going around acting like Crazy Glenn Beck's crazier cousin.
Now I could tell you that this was all by Cruz design to not only destroy the Tea Party, the Conservative Brand, and yes to taint Christians with the worst stereotypes, but you should have figured that all out in what Ted Cruz for his demon masters has been doing all along, as this was part of his marching orders from the start......to deliver up a defeated and vanquished right wing to the GOPliters for 2016 November to forever crush them.

You actually can thank Donald Trump for rescuing all of you on the Right from the Big Koch rape cock of the Cruz ilk. You should set back and just smile a little bit that you have an American leader who has the patience, skill and ability to assess exactly who people are, what they are, what their con game is, and then have the con man like Cruz think they are winning, until the absolute pull the rug out needs to be initiated, and then Donald Trump goes on Megyn Kelly's FOX News, and says one sentence, to which Ted Cruz goes before the entire remaining GOP primary states and has a mental meltdown, and as an added bonus, Cruz savages Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ahles who have been propping Cruz up all along.

That is what types of skill Donald Trump has, and I would conclude that Fred Trump taught his son well, in how to survive and win in the most skilled con game of the world as an honest man in New York City.

The world at large has no idea what kind of master of this game Donald Trump is. I am certain though that Vladimir Putin took notice, and the FSB knows exactly this is a man like Reagan they are going to have to deal with. It is though what the Chicoms were screaming about months ago, as they know  the caliber of Donald Trump, and they are not a match for this American.

So was Rafael Cruz sr linked up with Oswald? I have not inquired. I am certain though that Cruz sr was an intelligence asset and still is in being a mole, just like his Red Cruz son is an intelligence asset, whose best gay college roommate is a flaming liberal like Obama and Clinton.

I also am certain that everyone in this world now has learned how to play Ted Cruz like a bad violin to make him screech and look as pathetic as he is. Ted Cruz is no different than Birther Obama, because Cruz in Reverse Speech  keeps talking about the white guys who made the deal for him to steal this nomination from Donald Trump. Cruz has no ability and he only made it this far, because Donald Trump kept him around as a pest for the GOPliters to waste time and money on.........yes those morons of George Will and Bill Krystol, have no idea still what is going on.

Sincerely, Donald Trump should have joined the CIA and run the American counter intelligence operation as Mr. Trump is that skilled. There are people who have no idea what his man has been doing for America, with the elite arrayed against him.
Sometimes my children, you have to wait for the event to unfold to appreciate the skill it required to bring that event to your advantage.

Ted Cruz was cruzified today. It was a remarkable thing to watch, because Ted Cruz nailed himself to his boards in a mania, which the entire world recoiled from in how bizarre and insane it all was. This is who Ted Cruz has kept hidden away for years. Most people knew something was off by instinct and stayed away from Cruz, but the few who were lured in by this pied piper are now seeing what kind of mean, shriveled liar Ted Cruz is, and they can not deny it, because it all sounded from Ted Cruz's own lying lips.

America loves a winner and that winner is Donald Trump. America loathes a loser and that loser is Ted Cruz.

Today just did not happen. It is what happens when malevolent, self important manipulators like Cruz & Cruz have their own malevolence turned upon them and they prove they can not handle it.

If you are interested in what Ted Cruz said in Reverse Speech in speaking of his father's involvement in the JFK assassination, you can hear it for yourself on Gaytube in the work of David John Oates finding the reversal in what Ted Cruz stated this very day.

Ted Cruz has two reversals. The first reversal of Cruz is:

Donald Trump alleges my father was involved in the assassination of JFK:

The Enquirer wrote this story about JFK:

According to Mr. Oates, Rafael Cruz sr was involved in the assassination of JFK on some level. Furthermore, the Lame Cherry in examining "Killed the Owl", points to the symbol of Bohemian Grove which is the owl.
This appears that Ted Cruz knows something of another level in this of Rafael Cruz in the Cuban communist connection and something related to Bohemian Grove's plans were killed in Dallas.

Ted Cruz is pointing to a Cruz family involvement in the assassination of JFK and now opens the doors for questions in CIA recruited Ted Cruz jr. had all the doors opened to him, along with Cruz sr to Big Koch, because of that contract work in 1963.

Ted Cruz should have kept his mouth shut as he is revealing the things which were never meant to be revealed.

Nuff said