Thursday, May 12, 2016

Rubio's Half Obama Baked Theories


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Today the lovely Marco Rubio, fresh from sweating over Puerto Rico and Zika virus, brought in Bush fam anti Semite, James Baker, to a "thought experiment" where Rubio and Baker were joined by Obama theorist Tom Donilon, who agreed with all that Baker was droning on about.

The basis of it was that NATO is wonderful in Obama trying to start World War IV with Vladimir Putin and that Americans should relish having Chicom and Pyongyang ICBM nuclear warheads aimed at our children to defend prosperous South Korea and Japan, while denying them nukes to defend themselves.
(For the record it was HW Bush and James Baker who took the Neutron Bombs out of South Korea, to which North Korea took as a sign of weakness and joined with Obama Iran to build their own hydrogen bombs now.)

But let us just focus on the world James Baker constructed for Birther Hussein Obama.

Baker with Bush41 left Saddam Hussein in power, so son Bush43 had to go in and finish Saddam off, after Saddam's West Nile attack on America, after.......oh that is right Bush41 screwed Russia over after the fall of the Soviet Union, so Clinton imported Muslim terrorists to Kosovo to counter Russia in Europe, as the Jews were forced to weaken themselves to Muslim terrorists, which has this wonderful Obama world of..........yes nuclear confrontations with Putin in Europe and Peking in the South China Sea.

So looking at the disaster which the world is, I really do not conclude that James Baker is such an expert on foreign policy to be spurning Donald Trump's American First foreign policy which is based upon George Washington foundations of what America should be engaged in with other nations, and it was not foreign entanglements.

These Cuban losers to Donald Trump are unique, in Ted Cruz is off trying to be white guy J. Edgar Hoover spying on Donald Trump and Marco Rubio is trying to be white guy Maddy Albright, promoting more dead Americans policing the world for the oligarchs and the cartel.

I am embarrassed for Cubans and losers everywhere..............especially for Cruz and Rubio supporters who are getting slapped across the face a few times a week in these odd men out, trying to be FBI Director and Secretary of State in electing Hillary Clinton to the White House.

Honestly on Foreign Policy, America has been suckered twice by traitors to save Europe in two world wars. I am to the American point as most are, that if Europeans can not learn to not start World War one more, then they should be ash on the Rhine.
As far as Asia, Japan was doing quite well for centuries kicking China's and Korea's ass without America, so I figure they can handle it in the 21st century too.

It has been American meddling, by traitors Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt which gave the backing to start these globalist wars, and if America would have stayed out of it, Hitler would have conquered Europe as Charles Lindbergh said, and Hitler would have modified in time, and we would be back where we are now.
The same is the case in Japan. Japan would have expanded and now retracted.

If that had been George Washington policy followed, America would have prospered and mollified Germany and Japan, while becoming the advance, prosperous White Christian nation with millions of more Caucasians  not murdered in these damned wars.

It was stupid Bush Clinton policy to build Russia and China, to create contenders, and it is stupid Obama policy to make them adversaries. It is stupid Ted Cruz carpet bombing and stupid Marco Rubio meddling for more wars, both of which mean more Americans murdered, while the elite get richer.

The more I witness the GOPliters and their Cruz and Rubio failures, the more I thank God Donald Trump has begun to conduct a foreign policy of nations being responsible for their own spheres and Americans not dying for some chessboard.

Go back to your gay dancing boy's line Marco, as you are no Secretary of State.......just another carpet bomber like Ted Cruz who will get more Americans dead.