Thursday, May 12, 2016

Patrick J. Buchanan for President

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As the trolls over at World Net Daily are monitoring my posts, it is easier to simply post something brilliant here.

This needs to be said, as most of you have no idea that all we see before us in Donald Trump, arose from the presidential run of Patrick J. Buchanan, against another Bush long ago.

The comparison between Barry Goldwater and Donald Trump is incorrect, as that of Richard Nixon, because Jesus could not have defeated Lyndon Johnson over the sympathy vote for the assassination of John Kennedy, and with Richard Nixon, he had weak political standing when John Kennedy stole the election from him in 1960 and Republicans owing him in 1968 for putting him into office cemented his return.

In most elements, Donald Trump is closer to Ronald Reagan, as Mr. Reagan was a media persona who Americans knew intimately. Both were visionaries breaking the GOPliter status quo, after democratic disasters in Jimmy Carter and Jimmy Obama. Mr. Trump is running against the failed incumbent as Mr. Reagan did.

Frankly in all of this, the one person in political history who Donald Trump is most alike and his policies mirror, are Patrick Buchanan, who hearkens back to the anti Hoover globalist involvement and was personified by American Hero Charles Lindbergh. The reality is that Pat Buchanan was decades earlier than this political crest now carrying Mr. Trump forward. If we would have had Mr. Buchanans domestic and foreign policy, there never would have been the world in which Donald Trump is now attempting to save America from, with Patrick J. Buchanan's policies.
Nuff Said

This is for your understanding and historical education. I conclude now that Americans  were suckered by Bush fam completely, and the worst mistake of the Reagan presidency was nominating George H. W. Bush, which started this disaster which we are now fighting to survive.
George W. Bush was our last chance to stop what we are now into, because John McCain was ostensibly the same disaster.

What America squandered in being deceived in not choosing Paul Laxalt, Pat Buchanan, Bob Dole and Fred Thompson. Time has run out now, and all there is, is Donald Trump.

If you ever watched Cahill US Marshall, all of this reminds me of what I have told you from the start. In the movie John Wayne loses his horse and walks to an old hermit's homestead in asking for a horse.
The hermit points to a mule and says, there it is.
Cahill says, "That ain't no horse."
The hermit says, "It's the most horse you're going to find round here for 20 miles".

Donald Trump is the most horse we got to ride out of this, if we survive, because we squandered our chances on the leaders we should have picked in Laxalt, Buchanan, Dole and Thompson.

Allot riding on a blessed mule......a hybrid of a Republican thoroughbred and a Democratic jackass.

*Note to Donald J. Trump: Hope Hicks went too far on disavowing your former butler in calling him "troubled" in your name. Do not forget God made Jehu and not the other way around.