Monday, May 2, 2016

Ted Cruz attacks Trump Voter and gets Whooped

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Well Lyin' Ted Cruz attacked a Trump Voter in Marion Indiana just a few moments ago, and had his ass, his brain and his campaign handed to him by this common American.

Watch the video and notice how  Trump Supporters are there in numbers, and Cruz only has his press entourage and his insider entourage. The are no Americans there.

Cruz is crafty as he singled out a redneck, thinking he could come over and talk down to the American, but when the American started wailing on Cruz' points, Ted had to pull out his lies, and when the lies were called out, then Ted Cruz had to pull out the Nigger to terrify Americans with, in Mike Tyson supporting Donald Trump.
Then this Pussy Cruz, in this tried to silence the Trump Supporter saying no shouting was allowed.

This kind of Harvard rules with gloves crap is what pussies debate with, who can not stand up on the street and take on the People of America. Ted Cruz was outed as this Indiana American whooped on Cruz and sent Lyin' Ted scampering away with his skinheads for a black SUV.

Ted Cruz can not beat ONE American in a debate. Donald Trump does it against hundreds of these paid for Clinton Cruz protesters from Megyn Kelly to those Beaner Babies in California. What do you think Ted is going to do against a man like Vladimir Putin but wet himself.

Now you know why John Boehner defined Cruz as a son of a bitch, because in the video you can see how Ted Cruz talks down to everyone, lectures them, and when he gets his ass whipped, he changes tactics to make you try and defend some heinous Indiana though Trump Americans beat this Canadian on all points and then sent Ted Cruz scurrying off with this Ted between his legs.