Monday, May 2, 2016

Leland Speak

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Leland if you have problems with Only Begottenism, then take it up with God, as He will listen to you for free perhaps, instead of your 1 dollar donations calling me 'myopic'.

If your quasi intellectualism is what you are comforted by, then that is your choice, but  remember that the Lame Cherry actually is here for people who want it here, and not for people like you, who suffer from the condition that what you judge matters in, you liking something posted here or your rejecting something posted here.

If you are unaware, I am a sensitive and empath, so when I leave myself open to the body of humanity, and someone like you comes along and drives a knife in, it hurts profoundly, sends a shockwave through my brain and it takes hours to recover from something like you were moved to undertake.

I informed everyone when this started that I am not here to be your best friend, nor to justify your beliefs as I am too exhausted and too tired, as this work does degrade my life energy. I try very hard though to be there for people who need prayers in facing operations or illness, or need someone to listen to a problem in having no one else to turn.

What you do Leland in your ignorance is disrupt that and take space which could be used to accomplish good. I am not posting this for your moment in the spotlight, but for others who try to accomplish the same thing in making the same mistakes.

As you judge me myopic, and I give credit to all that I am and post here to God's Inspiration, then your judgment falls on God is lacking foresight. For the record God has been right every time in the exclusives posted here.

As I stated, take it up with God as one dollar donations do not give you the right to get on the pony and go to the whip, just because I do not measure up to Leland speak.

Oh and Leland, here is a link for your own blog, so you can share with the world all you know, and then be at their constant call, because when you do something like this, people always expect things from you 24 hours a day.


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