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Ted Cruz's Gay Wife

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Do you remember Harvard Professor Allan Derschowitz stating that Ted Cruz and his roommate were the most brilliant students that Derschowitz ever taught?

Do you remember how we are are constantly being told that Ted Cruz has been a Conservative forever and it points back to his college days?

I have a simple question for you then, in David Panton was the Caribbean roommate of Ted Cruz at university, who was busy arguing conservative ideals against liberal Derschowitz, so when this son of Jamaican elite was in elected politics in the Jamaican regime, would you expect David Panton to be a Conservative or a Leftist?

David Panton, the great friend of  Ted Cruz, is Labour Party, meaning he is  the Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama of Jamaica. This becomes even more bizarre in Ted Cruz's first Super Pac mogul lauching Cruz's "conservative" illegal launch as a Cubano Canadian, was David Panton

Panton, in turn, has been one of Cruz’s most enthusiastic political supporters, helping launch the first super PAC backing the senator’s White House bid.


Ted Cruz would have you think that he is Mr. Conservative, but he is more Mr. Conman as he confesses in Reverse Speech. For the Jamaican phase of Cruz's life began after clerking at the Supreme Court. It was at that time that Panton with other Jamaican's approached Ted Cruz, not for his intelligence, but because Ted Cruz in being in America could scam the American system in order to seize assets in the Caribbean.

If you remember the term "corporate raider", that is what Ted Cruz and David Panton were plotting, but it was more the fact that Cruz was going to scam money from the American Government in programs, which then would flow to Panton, where they would seize corporations and properties which were "underachieving" which is a nice word for, if you had a farm or a business which was on hard times, Ted Cruz would swoop in and leverage your property from you, and then throw you out, and sell it all for a bigger profit.

Do you remember Stanley Anne Dunham's "microeconomics" in the 3rd world? That is the same kind of rapine that Ted Cruz was engaged in, and Cruz was looting the US Treasury for his fortune.

The idea was modeled after U.S. private equity companies that made fortunes by using investor dollars to remake underperforming companies. The Caribbean concept came with a twist — the investor dollars would be drawn in part from governments, including from the United States, leveraging funds intended to boost the developing world

With Cruz’s help, they won the right to control what they hoped would be a $150 million fund. The firm, founded in 1998, lost its contract within five years, in part because of a dispute over an investment decision, and was soon shuttered.
Nevertheless, it provided a tidy sum for Cruz. He initially pitched in $6,000 for start-up costs and exited the partnership shortly before it disintegrated with a payout of $25,000, plus a promise of an additional $75,000 to come later, according to Panton.

There was nothing good or American in what Ted Cruz was up to. He was a speculator, running havoc with leftists all through the Carribbean and making victims out of poor blacks and hispanics.

If you remember the words of John Boehner in Ted Cruz being Lucifer in the Flesh, this was not the first time Ted Cruz was called something satanic by people who knew him.

“A good devil’s advocate,” said Jeffrey Hall, one of the partners at the meeting.

 Hard economic times caught up with Cruz and Panton though and their scheme started falling apart. Once again though the eerily bizarre relationship of Panton and Cruz emotionally surfaced, because Panton married to one the most beautiful women on the planet, turned to Ted Cruz, a man.
This is the same Cruz who in writing his university thesis, spoke of it as bearing a child, people wanting to kill him, and thanking the intimate relationship he had with David Panton in brotherly terms.

When their business dissolved in 2003, Panton seemed to stumble — through a very public divorce from a former Miss World and a romance with a former Miss Universe that provided tabloid fodder across the Caribbean. Panton has said that Cruz provided emotional support through some of those difficult times.

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... former Jamaica Labour Party senator David Panton, who now lives in the .... How comes you failed to mention the gay rumours (and we know .

The problem is though that there are rumors and allegations concerning about David Panton, in sodomy and child molestation.

 Panton has 2 children by 2 different women (former Miss World Lisa Hanna, and Wendy Fitzwilliam). He was a real gem as a man, who impregnated Fitzwilliams while married yet to Lisa Hanna, and then gaining 40 lbs, he had the gaul in bed to tell the pregnant girl that she is not attractive because of her pregnancy.

There have been fights in custody over the Lisa Hanna child, with Panton depriving custody and equal parent time with the mother of this child.

As this evolves in the Cruz Panton time line, we find again another memory loss moment with Ted Cruz, as in the Goldman Sachs millions which ended up into this bank accounts via wife, Heidi Cruz. This time it was the reality that after Cruz made tens of thousands in profits from this Caribbean venture (Memories of Hillary Clinton and Cattlegate and Whitewater), that Ted Cruz again "neglected" to record that he owned a debt note on David Panton worth almost a quarter of a million dollars.
That kind of forgetfulness comes with indictments and prison time for fraud.

After inquiries from TIME, Cruz provided a copy of the promissory note, which gives the name of the holding company as CEP Investments Holdings Limited. Cruz says the agreement is effectively an IOU to him from Panton, who is the owner of the holding company. Cruz says that while the holding company operates out of Jamaica, it is in fact domiciled in the British Virgin Islands

In an amended financial disclosure form filed Oct. 1, Cruz said he still holds a promissory note from a Kingston-based company called Caribbean Equity Partners Investment Holdings LTD, worth between $100,000 and $250,000. No company with that name is registered in Jamaica. 

Would it not seem odd to you, that Ted Cruz owns a black man in Jamaica, who apparently does not have enough money to pay off a quarter of a million dollar debt to Cruz, but does have the money to start a Super Pac for Ted Cruz, the Cubano Canadian for President of these disUnited States?

If you missed the above quote in the British Virgin Islands, that is code for money laundering in shell corporations, like the recent Panama Papers. There is not any record in Panama for Ted Cruz's company or holdings, but there is a shell company in the money laundering capital of the world in the British Virgin Islands.

In review of this, Ted Cruz was engaged in a scheme of using US taxpayer money, to plunder the Caribbean, whereby he made a fortune, and there are not any records whatever happened to the moneys Cruz looted out of America, Ted Cruz is the same speculator of the disasters of Enron and the 2008 George Soros led meltdown of the US economy in the derivatives disaster, but then again, you will recall that Heidi Cruz was part of Goldman Sachs fleecing Americans of massive TARP funds and other investment houses too.

All of this orbits around Ted Cruz's gay wife from college, David Panton, a Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders leftist, who has been plundering America with Ted Cruz's assistance, and with massive debt, this couple somehow is launching Super Pac's for Ted Cruz to run for President.

Does this all look crooked to you? It does because it is and it is smarmy as all ends, and completely unAmerican. If you tried to loot money from the US Government for you to set up a 3rd world empire, you would have been dragged away to prison long ago, because that is not what these American programs were ever intended for, unless of course you are an insider like nation rapist Warren Buffett having Obama fly cover for your crimes.

Ted Cruz though is not a nation rapist. He is just an island rapist, preying on poor West Indian peoples, all by his gay wife, David Panton of Jamaica.

This is the real Ted Cruz and all of this has been suppressed by Big Koch employees like Rush Limbaugh, Erick Erickson, Glenn Beck and Mark Levin, as the insiders like FOX Rupert Murdoch and Wall Street Journal can not discover any of these Ted Cruz crimes.

Ask yourself if you would "forget" someone owing you over 100,000 dollars? Would you forget over a million dollars in loans from Goldman Sachs?

Ted Cruz seems to forget lots of things about money, as he forgets he is married and is in bed with other women or shemales, forgets he is Canadian, but he does remember how to steal votes, delegates and how to lie.

That is the reality of Ted Cruz. Another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Cruz says he has not had any relationship with the private equity firm since he cashed out an initial investment of $6,000 for a total return of $100,000 a decade ago in a private agreement with his former college roommate, a Jamaican Rhodes scholar named David Panton, with whom Cruz co-founded the firm. Cruz says the agreement yielded him $25,000 in cash and $75,000 in the form of a promissory note on the holding company. The agreement included an oral provision for the accrual of reasonable interest on the debt, Cruz says.