Monday, May 2, 2016

The NeoCuck Smearing of Donald Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

*Editors Note: This will be a stand alone post due to importance.

The Lame Cherry is going to address something which has plunged to new lows in those conglomerate, intellectual, political and media sources who have joined to assist Ted Cruz in stealing the nomination from Donald Trump in 2016, in a criminal propaganda character assassination about the rape of a 13 year old girl.

All of this stems from Hillary and Bill Clinton crony, child molester  Jeffrey Epstein, being linked to Donald Trump in a court filing in California by a non existing Katie Johnson.
Before this goes too far, I will state I did an inquiry on this, and that is the story here in who is behind one more smear against Donald Trump for Ted Cruz, and that is what will be featured as the construct of this is to link the Clinton's and Trump, in order to ruin both for Cuckservative Cruz.

Donald Trump Named in Lawsuit Alleging Rape of Teen Girl ...

It's not that he's pals with a convicted sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein. OH, wait… maybe it is. A woman by the name of Katie Johnson has stepped ...

It is extremely heinous charges in this, which Mr. Trump completely denies, but it is being promoted by Red State in Erick Erickson, another cuckservative site. When I first began sorting through this in the matrix, I could not lock onto it.........meaning some things are veiled in they do not make sense, because they are covered up and hidden, but you can touch them like flesh which you know is there, but it will not speak. The information communicates, but it is vague until I lock on to the story, and then the information flow appears.

As you read this, I want you to remember I was like you, in the dark about all of this, but as the information started flowing, the actual connect made perfect sense.

What I am getting in this is, that there were two people involved in this Katie Johnson creation. They went to California, and they are MOG's, and each of them were sent in to mind the Trump and Cruz camps, to have a direct information flow, for the people they really answer to.

This is not a sub operational group, but it is a syndicate, and when you know the characters and links, you will say, "Well that makes sense". This has a New York connection in the National Review now run by Jack Fowler. I have explained before that William Buckley was a CIA chief in Mexico in the Lee Harvey Oswald days, was part of Mockingbird to destroy the John Birch Society, was the minder of Ronald Reagan, and his son Chris endorsed Birther Hussein.

The National Review was a shepherding publication of propaganda to hijack conservatism, which none of us  recognize any more. They stole it from Barry Goldwater and through other assets like Rush Limbaugh have been conglomerate polluting it, and destroying the legacy of Ronald Reagan for a generation, so this foreigner named Ted Cruz is the poster boy as the flesh of satan of what people thinks Conservatives are.

What inquiry in the matrix is pointing to is National Review is connected to this smear of Donald Trump, but it's origins are being run out of Chicago, in one of the power brokers there connected to the Straussians, or Leo Strauss of Chicago University, who created the NeoConservative movement. Yes the Jewish Neocons are the source of this in one major player constructed this smear, sent in to of it's MOGs to California to try and steal a California victory from Donald Trump.

Inquiry points to National Review is aware of this and it is being run out of Chicago in an off the books intelligence operation which is being sanctioned, as Erick Erickson on Red State spewing this, is proof it is part of this syndicate smear campaign which has been operational for months now against Mr. Trump.

I provide some background quotes on William F. Buckley and National Review:

Historian E. Michael Jones writes,National Review existed to destroy competing conservatisms, especially those incompatible with the international foreign policy establishment. National Review used conservatism to mobilize, certain ethnic groups, e.g., Catholics, behind government policies. It existed to colonize certain groups, to divide and conquer, and then get them to act against their own interests. NR was created to destroy isolationist conservatism. Conservatives who criticized America’s march to empire were demonized and decertified. National Review has shown undeviating consistency in this regard, the most recent example being David Frum’s diatribe against the paleoconservatives.”

I highlighted the part that should have light bulbs going off in you, because you can see from what National Review has been scorched earth over in going after Donald Trump, they are indeed the neutron bomb of politics in trying to genocide Donald Trump and his supporters, because that is their CIA directive and what they are funded for.

As for funding?


As with most political opinion magazines in the United States, National Review carries little corporate advertising. The magazine stays afloat by donations from subscribers and black-tie fund raisers around the country. The magazine also sponsors cruises featuring National Review editors and contributors as lecturers.
Buckley said in 2005 that the magazine had lost about $25,000,000 over fifty years.

Yes a magazine which loses millions of dollars every year, and it still is in full production, because it is receiving CIA Mockingbird funding to destroy every Conservative which does not pass the now Ted Cruz, Amanda Carpenter and Rush Limbaugh test of Cruzservatism.

Economist and historian Murray Rothbard writes, “Not long after the Central Intelligence agency was founded in 1947, the American public and the world were subjected to an unprecedented level of propaganda in the service of the US foreign policy objectives in the Cold War…. At its peak, the CIA allocated 29 percent of hits budget to ‘media and propaganda’.”

Now do you understand what the Lame Cherry has been educating on for years, in how Rush Limbaugh gets his laundered money, how Ted Cruz launders money to Mark Levin, how their Big Koch donors are funneled funds from CIA international trade, and why it matters when Reince Priebus in Reverse Speech is blurting out about Muslim terror money coming into the GOP to stop Donald Trump, because that money is coming from ISIS which is nothing but a Kurdish group stealing oil from Iraq and Syria, and selling it to Turkey to launder money to key intelligence assets in the west, exactly as Saddam Hussein in the Clinton oil for palaces under Marc Rich was fulfilling the same junket.

This Katie Johnson does not exist. She filed this court document with cash, so she could not be traced. Her mailing address is a bank foreclosed location, meaning the people behind it researched the address and knew where to create the cover story. The duo behind this working for the Chicago branch of NeoCons, did  this for Ted Cruz, and were not blondes, meaning in the document filings, they use precise legal terms and red herrings of a mystery employee for Epstein who could vouch for all of this, which is impossible, because no one exists. All that exists is another propaganda smear against Donald Trump.

In tracing this, the British press are pushing this uber hard, because Donald Trump is moving America out of the control of London financial rape, so their MI6 intelligence press is busy printing up these smears, which everyone knows are smears.

I do know that when the Lame Cherry exclusively pointed to Mort Zuckerman as the source in the early Western Journalism smears, that he disappeared like a ghost, and that is the reason for inquiry in pointing out what the matrix is saying in this coordinated smear against Donald Trump, moving on London finance, squat assassin Erick Erickson, and this interesting intelligence connection of the old Bill Buckley MOG's with the Straussians of Chicago.

It is easy to be a billionaire or intelligence protected asset smearing people, but it gets most interesting when the matrix starts pointing out people, who  then become very nervous in the spotlight, as this is another criminal conspiracy being waged against Donald Trump. Those behind this will get 20 years to life for this assistance to the Ted Cruz campaign, which is so flatworld in linking Trump to Clinton, as Ted Cruz was on ABC on Sunday doing the same exact thing, so even a braintard can see how juvenile this operation is.

I once again call for Attorney General Chris Christie to convene Federal Grand Juries, and indict these horrific traitors to America for their high crimes, as this is thee most disgusting of gutter politics, which has now entered pedophilia, but who was it posing his daughters between his wife's legs for book jackets and posing his daughters with cherries on top of piles of ice cream, but Rafael Ted Cruz.

We have reached an age that the GOPliters in these Straussian Buckleyites have flashed from behind the raincoat to out themselves as  the Political Pedophile class. Those are the fascists who are behind the smears of American Donald Trump and his American Voters.

I leave this at that.