Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Cruz Remnant

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In observing the trolling of the Cruz remnant, I desire to explain all of this in more depths than I have mentioned, for I do not believe the Cruz voters were evil. They were good people who were taken advantage of by Ted and Heidi Cruz with Amanda Carpenter, along with Robert Mercer programming, and could not help but abandon Christ and Constitution, because numbers of them had their false prophets on the radio in Cockservative Rush Limbaugh and Cuckservative Mark Levin, feeding off the Cruz collection plate, while Rafael Cruz sr. was deceiving their pastors who were in the pulpits lying to their congregations, in thinking like Judas Iscariot this was some 7 mountain Christ on earth  come to be.

So I have compassion on the Cruz supporters as they fell, and fell bad. They will have to answer to God and it is between God and them if forgiveness is granted, because blasphemy against Christ, Christ's America, fighting against God's Plan for America and lying about the Holy Ghost are serious sins.

For the shrill though which are appearing online, it is those I will address, as they fall into three categories.

1. Demon possessed and influence.
2. The maniac and the obsessed.
3. The MOG, the paid troll minder.

In the Lame Cherry exclusive I informed all of you that Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush, along with their benefactors are deluded into thinking they can hand the White House over to Hillary Clinton and that in 8 years they will get it back. With the massive vote fraud, Hillary Clinton's crimes, her past piles of dead bodies, do you really think Hillary Clinton and her gunners down of LaVoy Finicum are simply going to hand over power to a putz like Cruz or Jeb? This is the last free election America will have if Hillary Clinton gets into the White House, and the fact is, it would have been the same thing if Jeb Bush got into office, as you witnessed the vote fraud which was unleashed for Cruz to take the fall, in all the vote flipping for Cruz.
These are the Nixonians who think they will rise from the ashes, when Hillary Clinton has the nuclear fires of hell burning those ashes to oblivion.

I do not have the time to inquire on individuals who are possessed, insane or MOG's. It makes little difference if Mark Levin is going crazy, Glenn Beck has cheetos on his face, Matt Walsh is leaving the GOP, Cockerboy Limbaugh is showing how to defeat Donald Trump or George Will and National Review are advocating mass political suicide to the Cruz voters, because it is all the anti God end.
NEVER before in American history, has any political party sabotaged itself for another political party in trying to ruin the candidate the People chose at the ballot box. That is the reality of this and it is a High Crime against these United States of America.

So what difference does it make if Alex Jones is saying Glenn Beck is prancing around like satan, when it is all satan's genocide of God's American children and the God planted Western Peoples? The end is the same, and the same foul nature is in someone possessed, as someone insane as someone a MOG, because a demoniac, is someone mad, is someone who sold out America for 30 pieces of silver.

The Cruz remnant polluting the media and the internet is a sulfurous lot. They are sowing destruction against God's America, and that which they have planted will return upon them. There is nothing clever about political assassination or crimes, as it always is exposed like a bone working up through a grave. The Truth prevails and a group of evil people will betray and consume themselves.

These issues have to be addressed though for the small mind and for the Cruz supporters who were betrayed and abandoned by Ted Cruz, and expected to commit political suicide now for Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz, so they are not blamed or abused in being taken advantage of again. Bringing the facts to light, shines the light to make such intrigue wither and retards the satanic darkness.

These are no longer political opponents, and have become enemies of the People of these United States, in High Crimes against America, in they are absolute traitors no matter their condition.
They belong in People's Courts, indicted and prosecuted to the full sentencing of the law. America is based upon the Biblical, English Common Law and American standards of Justice where a nation and a people have the absolute right to try and convict its traitors among them, embarked upon agendas which will bring harm and genocide to those peoples.
There is a reason Benedict Arnold is a definition for this kind of treachery, in selling out America to America's enemies.

The FBI has the files of every internet posting, so it will be a simple matter for Attorney General Chris Christie to prosecute the traitors, find the exchange of lucre and convict them, and the insane to place them into assylum.

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